Lexmark Releases Kofax TotalAgility Platform

The company also released Customer Communications Manager (CCM) 5.0, which includes pre-built integration with Kofax TotalAgility.

lexmark and kofax

Lexmark announced the availability of Kofax TotalAgility 7.3, a unified platform offering omni-channel customer engagement and digital transformation across multiple use cases.

Aimed at buyers driving digital transformation initiatives and digitizing business operations, from inbound information capture through outbound customer communications, TotalAgility orchestrates the multiple interactions critical to success in customer engagement.

The platform provides integrated capabilities, including mobile, omni-channel capture, process automation, dynamic case management, information integration, customer communications management, electronic signatures, content management and analytics.

"Mobile is often the first and primary customer engagement channel, and the Kofax Mobile Platform is the only mobile imaging solution that supports every mobile imaging use case," Dave Caldeira, senior vice president of product and solution marketing at Lexmark Enterprise Software, told eWEEK. "A delightful mobile experience allows business to increase conversion while reducing transaction and on-boarding costs."

He explained the Kofax platform supports multiple channels of engagement, so even if the conversation starts on the desktop or in the branch, customers will be able to effortlessly move between channels: searching for information on their phone, reviewing the quote on their desktop machine at work and signing the contract via their tablet while comfortably on their couch.

Caldeira said there are three pain points common among companies in their digital transformation strategy.

The first includes removing analog processes and the dependency on paper and manual labor. This can be an internal back office process that is servicing a customer requirement, or it can also be on the front end.

The second is achieving process optimization, which is where analytics can make digital processes more efficient, accurate and responsive to customers.

The third is overcoming organizational resistance. Caldeira explained there needs to be an imperative and a commitment from senior executives to drive the digital transformation initiative to all end-to-end processes versus certain elements or silos.

The company also released Customer Communications Manager (CCM) 5.0, which includes pre-built integration with Kofax TotalAgility, Kofax SignDoc and Perceptive Workplace to help simplify digital and paper-based customer communications processes.

SignDoc, an electronic signature solution that helps streamline the signing of documents digitally, offers both public and private multi-tenant cloud infrastructures, as well as on-premise deployment options.

"Lexmark is well positioned to enable incremental digital transformation with individual product deployments that may lead to more substantial engagements that can ultimately include the entire portfolio," Caldeira said. "We can help organizations tackle their digital transformation initiatives and strategy at a comfortable pace."