LG-Ericsson, Accton Partner on Unified Voice, Data Solutions

A joint venture between LG-Ericcson USA and Accton aims to provide cost-conscious businesses with VOIP and telephony solutions as well as network management services.

Telecommunications and networking solutions specialist LG-Ericsson USA announced the launch of its brand into the North American market, offering a portfolio of scalable end-to-end data and voice networking solutions for businesses ranging in size from small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises.

Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., LG-Ericsson USA, formerly Edgecore Networks, is a joint venture between LG-Ericsson and Taiwan-based Accton Technology, a provider of voice and data networking solutions.

In a joint release, LG-Ericsson and Accton said they will develop and deliver a line of high-performance data and voice communications solutions to North American SMBs and enterprise businesses. LG-Ericsson owns 60 percent share in the joint venture, while Accton owns 40 percent, according to the release.

LG-Ericsson USA will provide communications solutions to suit business of all sizes, with solutions including a suite of IP PBX systems and a complement of business-class digital, IP, WiFi, SIP, soft phones and multimedia terminals, as well as a host of smart, fully managed and unmanaged switches with a robust Network Management Services (NMS) and Unified Device Manager (UDM) platform to provide user-friendly management capability.

"The launch of LG-Ericsson USA will, for the first time, provide SMBs and large enterprises with a portfolio of scalable, performance-oriented, unified end-to-end data and voice network solutions from a single manufacturer," stated S.B. Mun, CEO of LG-Ericsson USA. "We are confident that by deploying our solutions, our customers will benefit from improved cost effectiveness and operational efficiency, as well as unparalleled interoperability."

Products include the LG-Ericsson iPECS ES-3000/3000G, a family of fully managed Layer 2 switches that support enterprise-class Layer 2 switching features and comes in four models, from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet. The appliance features UDM (Unified Device Manager), which enables network administrators to configure and manage multiple iPECS switches across the network. Also available is the LG-Ericsson ipLDK-60, designed to support analog, digital and IP phones and trunks.

The system supports IP phones ranging from desktop phones to soft phones, which can be configured on a PC or PDA. Through IP trunks, up to 72 ipLDK-60 branches can be networked together, offering the ability to leverage features such as centralized attendant and voice mail, common dialing plan, transfer, follow me forward and other features. The ipLDK-60 SIP trunks also enable the LG-Ericsson ipLDK-60 to interoperate with other third-party equipment that supports the open standard SIP protocol.