LG-Ericsson Offers Communications Management With IPCR Recording, Monitoring

The iPECS IPCR provides centralized voice communications management for local and remote locations.

Information technology specialist LG-Ericsson USA announced the latest application for its voice platforms, iPECS IP Call Recording (IPCR). Designed to serve the needs of small to medium-size businesses, the iPECS IPCR provides centralized voice communications management for local and remote locations in an economical add-on application that is geared to improve business efficiency and customer service.

Designed by communications technology professionals at LG-Ericsson USA and built on the company's iPECS platform, the iPECS IPCR is designed to offer enhanced communication. Available now through LG-Ericsson USA's certified resellers, the iPECS IPCR call recording and monitoring system enables big-business features at a budget that makes them work for the SMB.

"Small to midsized businesses grow when they have talented people enabled with robust tools to improve efficiency, effectiveness and service," said Iain Kenney, director of product marketing for LG-Ericsson USA. "iPECS IPCR adds a critical -next step,' an important add-on for telephone customer service and remote project management applications that provides a means to enhance customer service and overall business efficiency for training and/or improvement-focused evaluation, or to record conference calls for accurate record-keeping and task tracking. And, it can record and display overall statistics-numerically or graphically-so that management can monitor overall efficiency and effectiveness as well."

iPECS IPCR facilitates recording and real-time monitoring of any station managed on an LG-Ericsson voice platform, including local and remote IP phones, digital and SLT devices, and more. It is engineered to overcome the obstacles of old technology by capitalizing on the flexibility of industry-standard IP networks.

iPECS IPCR registers with LG-Ericsson iPECS call servers with plug-and-play ease, and its native IP application records calls delivered over the IP connection, requiring no extra cabling to PSTN trunk lines and stations. Further, its Web-based interface provides access to data like call statistics, conference call archives and other information related to business transactions.

iPECS IPCR works with any of LG-Ericsson's business voice communications solutions, including iPECS LIK, which delivers all of the functionality of a traditional PBX with the addition of features like unified communications for conferencing-voice and video-data collaboration, remote and roaming user support, and scalability; and the SBG-1000, a full-featured business communications product designed to manage communications for small office/small business environments, enabling pure IP communications for business communication applications in environments of up to 20 employees.

Built on an architecture that grows with a company, LG-Ericsson's communications management platforms provide enhanced performance with a traditional telephony interface in either a centralized or a distributed network, providing the flexibility to adapt to differing needs. Customer-configurable, their flexibility makes them work for small businesses, small and remote offices, and SMBs to integrate communication-enhancing applications over an IP network for truly unified communications, managed through an intuitive, easy user interface.

LG-Ericsson's voice and communications platforms and the new IPCR open communications for success by allowing implementation of an efficient, custom, modular IP communications system that can expand with a company's needs.