LG-Ericsson USA VOIP Solution Aimed at SMBs

The ipLDK-60 supports both analog (PSTN) trunks and digital and SIP trunks, and includes a host of call features.

LG-Ericsson USA, a provider of voice and data communications solutions, announced the availability of the ipLDK-60 Hybrid Key Telephone System, a hybrid VOIP (voice over IP) solution aimed at midmarket companies.

The ipLDK-60 is backed by 24/7 technical support and a limited lifetime warranty and is available in North America via the company's dedicated value-added resellers at a list price of less than $1,000.
The hybrid system can support a maximum of 24 +9 trunks, including 24 digital trunks (T1-PRI) and a combination of up to 12 analog trunks or eight SIP trunks. The ipLDK-60 can support a maximum of 48 stations through a combination of up to 47 analog, 40 digital KTU, 16 IP KTU (wired and wireless) and four door phones. The system can also support up to 36 central office (CO) line ports. Equipped with a 10/100M-bps Ethernet port for VOIP, the ipLDK-60 can be managed via modem or RS-232C. Remote maintenance and software upgrades can be managed through the LAN or PSTN modem.
The feature set of the ipLDK-60 includes auto hold, call forwarding, call coverage, call log, call parking, call screening, camp on, conferencing for up to 15 parties, Do Not Disturb, Meet Me paging, messaging, mobile phone support, multilingual display, speed dial, music on hold and background music (13 music sources), automatic call distribution, account codes, alarms, Direct Inward Dialing (DID), CO line distinctive ringing, emergency call service, internal/external paging, wake-up service, full-featured attendant, and voice mail capabilities.
"The ipLDK-60 system provides SMBs with an affordable, easy-to-use voice communication system that provides scalability to support growth and gives companies the ability to transition from the legacy analog telephone infrastructure to a state-of-the-art VOIP solution affordably and at a time that makes sense for the company," said Tony Stramandinoli, vice president of marketing at LG-Ericsson USA. "The business-class feature set incorporated into the system provides SMBs with a full-featured telephony solution that makes even the smallest businesses sound like a large corporation, while minimizing the overall cost of ownership and maximizing the productivity of the staff."
The ipLDK-60 enables authorized managers to monitor call traffic and implement forced call control using Least Call Routing (LCR), which preselects the least expensive call routes. To help maximize productivity, the system provides voice mail notification to users' cell phones and supports 15-party conferencing. The ipLDK-60 also supports both analog (PSTN) trunks and digital and SIP trunks, enabling users to migrate the voice communications infrastructure to a full VOIP solution using IP expansion cards.