Logicalis, IO Partner on Data Center Expansion

The agreement expands the services available to Logicalis’ dedicated cloud customers and offers a new failover location to customers.

Managed services provider and IT solutions specialist Logicalis announced a partnership with software-defined data center firm IO to build a Logicalis data center presence in IO’s Dayton, Ohio, data center operations facility.

The announcement expands offerings already existing in the IO Phoenix and IO New Jersey data centers with additional compute resources strategically located in the central United States, an important expansion for Logicalis’ clients.

The agreement with IO will expand the services available to Logicalis’ dedicated cloud customers and offers a new failover location to customers served by the Logicalis Enterprise Cloud East and West operations.

"Logicalis has had a relationship with IO for a number of years, and during that time we have developed a wealth of trust in IO’s people as well as great confidence in IO’s technology," Kevin Gruneisen, senior director of data center solutions for Logicalis US, said in a statement. "This announcement marks that expansion of the relationship and demonstrates Logicalis’ commitment to bringing its cloud and data center customers the best, most extensive service available anywhere in the industry."

In the coming months, the Logicalis On-Demand Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), a self-managed, multi-tenant public cloud infrastructure, will also be housed in the IO facility.

The new central location with an on-site Logicalis presence completes Logicalis’ nationwide data center strategy, allowing Logicalis to expand its data center and cloud services, including private cloud and data center as a service (DCaaS).

"IO and Logicalis have achieved great results together in Phoenix and Edison," Peter McNamara, executive leader of global sales and customer operations at IO, said in a statement. "We look forward to replicating those results in Dayton, offering Logicalis’ clients in this central U.S. location the reduced energy consumption, guaranteed uptime and cost benefits that come from an as-a-service IT business model."

Logicalis recently conducted its fifth annual Top 10 Tech Trends to Watch study to find out what technologies and trends do IT experts have on their minds for 2014.

The annual study monitors online conversations between CIOs, CTOs, IT staffers, industry analysts and reporters to determine the top technology trends and predictions for the coming year.

In the coming year, infrastructure restrictions will be less of a barrier to business growth as the enterprise C-suite embraces the “as-a-service” concept and understands that it’s not the technology itself that transforms the business, but the way the business accesses and uses that technology that is transformative, according to the report.

The study also predicted as the "as-a-service" movement takes root, the IaaS or platform-as-a-service market would grow tremendously, particularly among software developers who want to speed application development, quality assurance and solution deployment.