LogicBoxes Rolls Out Low Cost Unlimited Hosting

Registrar software and consulting company LogicBoxes offers cost-conscious businesses an unlimited hosting package for $2.49 per month.

Coming soon after the launch of their -Ultimate Email' pack, registrar software and consulting company LogicBoxes announced their Unlimited Hosting Solution at a price of $2.49 per month, The company said it hopes this private labeled hosting solution would help ensure that registrars and Web service providers can retain profitable margins while outsourcing their hosting setup.

The product will allow domain registrars, ISPs & Web hosts to cater to multiple customer segments through a comprehensive plan packaged with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, databases and email accounts. The revamped hosting product also signaled the release of the new, intuitive Web mail and email management control panels, powered by Mail.PW software.

Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and founder of LogicBoxes, said they studied the hosting market to understand what customers are looking for and what best suits their requirements. "Our hosting plan strikes the perfect balance between these two elements, and allows our partners to leverage on this understanding to further their own businesses," Turakhia said. "Our revamped .PW powered email hosting interfaces have been garnering rave reviews since its inception."

LogicBoxes' product portfolio includes a provisioning and management platform for various Web products and services such as domain registration, Windows/Linux Web hosting, e-mail hosting, SSL and Web site building. LogicBoxes recently launched their Free DNS Service, and other products such as domain and mail forwarding and chat (IM) are expected to go free shortly, the company said.

"Our partners include a mix of registrars, ISPs, telcos and Web hosting providers. We've always focused on ensuring that we can offer them a scalable, hassle-free deployment; empowering them to cater to the SMB market with minimal investment in terms of infrastructure and resources," said Turakhia. "With unlimited hosting and email already released, and an intuitive interface at their disposal, we're closing in on our promise of providing an unmatched solution. This process will culminate when we make available cPanel to end customers for management."

Earlier this year LogicBoxes announced the release of their revamped reseller e-mail hosting offering at a price point of 35 cents per month. The new -Ultimate Email' pack included unlimited mail accounts of 1GB storage each, and are served off a new platform, the Mail.PW platform currently employed by the company for this latest hosting release.