LoopFuse OneView Provides Lead Capture Form Analytics

Analytics features provide insight into which sites, search engines, and keywords lead to highest conversion rates.

Sales and marketing automation specialist LoopFuse announced the release of OneView v.3.29, which integrates the company's recently released inbound marketing and search engine marketing features with new Lead Capture Form analytics. OneView, a marketing automation platform, as well as FreeView, the free version of OneView, now provides marketers analysis of which referring sites, search engines, and keywords lead to the highest conversion rates across lead capture forms.
Lead Capture Forms provide marketers with a way to gather registrations through their Web sites while the new analytics features are designed to provide insight into which referring sites, search engines, and keywords are leading to the highest conversion rates. The latest OneView release also features Lead Capture Form Cloning, allowing marketers to copy Lead Capture Forms. In addition, marketers can schedule HTML-based Regional Reports that cover visiting company details from specific regions across the globe.
"Lead Capture Forms are the miners of landing pages - working under the surface of the website to dig for gold - or qualified leads. We're pleased to announce that not only does Loopfuse OneView provide Inbound and Search Engine Marketing Analytics," said Sean Dwyer, president and CEO, Loopfuse, "but also additional analysis into what channels are driving Lead Capture. These additional metrics will help marketers drive smarter programs and campaigns, saving time and money while closing more sales."
Lead capture features include an automated routing process, which allows small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) to have new leads and updated lead information in the CRM sales funnel, conversion analytics processing and a wizard-based form creator. Other features include real-time sales alerts on captured prospects, the ability to send auto-response emails to subscribers and real-time funneling to help businesses automate the process of qualifying incoming leads.
OneView also provides integrated social monitoring capabilities, which pull real-time mentions of a company's name, products or services from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and monitors the blogosphere for hits, including websites, industry blogs, analysts, and other online pundits. Marketers can also use OneView to monitor mentions of any related search term, including mentions of competitors and/or competitors' products and services.
More than 45 percent of senior marketers worldwide named social networks and applications their top priority for 2010 due to the explosive growth of social media platforms, according to a July eMarketer survey. Facebook recently reported over 550 hundred million users worldwide, with 50 percent of active users logging on in any given day, connecting to an average of 130 friends. Twitter boasts more than 110 million users, LinkedIn has 80 million users, and Technorati, a blog directly, lists over 133 million blogs.
David Raab a principal with consulting firm Raab Associates, said most SMBs don't have time for manual social media monitoring. "An automated solution provides them with valuable information they can use to grow their business," he said. "Having it integrated with their marketing automation system makes it even more efficient."