M86 Security Releases Enhancements to Gateway, E-Mail Security Solutions

M86 Security updates two of its offerings, MailMarshal and WebMarshal, aimed at providing e-mail security and secure Web gateways, respectively.

M86 Security, a provider of real-time Web and e-mail threat protection, announced M86 MailMarshal SMTP 6.8, the latest version of its e-mail threat protection software, as well as M86 WebMarshal 6.5.6, which includes support for the latest Windows operating system as well as improvements that enhance the user experience of this software-based secure Web gateway solution. The latest version is now compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 M86 WebMarshal provides organizations with a solution to address the spectrum of Web-based security threats as well as the requirements and issues that arise from managing workplace Internet use.
WebMarshal also includes a new quarantining feature for blended threats, which can help defeat or bypass traditional gateway antivirus and spam solutions by embedding a URL link onto a legitimate-looking Website that often executes automated, drive-by downloads, infecting users and exposing them to vulnerability exploits.

The volume of malicious spam has increased fivefold over the past year, reaching three billion messages per day, compared to 600 million messages per day in the first half of 2009, according to M86 Security Labs research. MailMarshal's configurable quarantining feature, combined with its Blended Threat Module (BTM), allows suspicious messages to be held in a queue while the BTM performs real-time behavioral analysis on any contained URLs.

"With almost one out of three e-mail messages containing blended threats, e-mail security remains a significant problem," said Werner Thalmeier, vice president of product management for M86. "In hundreds of customer deployments, MailMarshal has already proven effective at blocking this type of malware. The new additions, which have been developed in close collaboration with our customers, significantly increase the value of our e-mail security management platform and are poised to keep organizations secure now and in the future through both our traditional on-premises and cloud-based deployments."
With the addition of certified support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Small Business Server 2008, M86 Web Marshal also provides performance improvements when integrated as an ISA plug-in. The 6.5.6 release delivers an updated default policy rule-set providing easier management of rules, with improved content filtering and reporting on user activities.
As streaming media now constitutes a major portion of day-to-day Internet traffic, M86 said this release also includes an upgraded handling of streaming media and large files that result in better performance and a more seamless experience for end users, while retaining the security and protection administrators require. This upgrade streamlines the user interface for downloads and streaming media removing the need for any additional configuration. "The latest advances to M86 WebMarshal continue to build on an already sophisticated and successful software-based Web gateway tool," said Thalmeier. "The latest investment M86 has made in this solution directly reflects how we continually listen to our customers and deliver enhancements based on their feedback."