Macheen Debuts Mobile Connect SaaS Platform

The offering is enabled by Macheen’s cloud platform that is engineered to make mobile data connectivity more flexible and globally scalable.

Mobile cloud application service provider Macheen announced its own branded software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, Macheen Mobile Connect, a cellular data platform designed to enable devices to connect through mobile broadband, without needing a traditional data plan or relying on unsecure WiFi hotspots.

Mobile Connect will allow device providers to ensure that its store, social media applications and other feature-differentiating sites are always on, right out of the box, and will allow large enterprises to give their employees connectivity to just the business-critical sites and services they need such as email and CRM (customer relationship management), as well as give content providers the ability to include cellular connectivity as a part of their subscriptions.

"In a bring-your-own-device [BYOD] world, we needed to be flexible enough to connect every brand of every device, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, you name it," Greg Stock, president and CEO of Macheen, said in a statement. "With the launch of Macheen Mobile Connect, we now get the chance to build relationships directly with our customers–our most important asset."

The solution is enabled by Macheen’s cloud platform that is engineered to make mobile data connectivity more flexible and globally scalable. This cloud sits on top of cellular networks and has the ability to control and segment connectivity by time, by application, by location and by policy.

The platform also offers customized connectivity through segment capabilities to enable the right connectivity for every user, segment billing by device to allow multiple parties to pay for the service and customized roaming to help define roaming zones that are important to the device provider. Also offered is an optional user interface and store, which can enable a Website that shows users what connectivity is available, and allow the purchase of additional Pinpoint, Spot and Monthly Passes.

"A great analogy to help explain what we do is cable television. Rather than paying for access to thousands of television channels, imagine if you only had to pay for the channels you watch, only when you watch them. That’s what we do for Internet-based applications like, Outlook, Facebook and on and on. You only pay for what you need," Stock said. "Macheen Mobile Connect allows you to ‘pinpoint’ connectivity to just the sites and applications you need for your device, your service or your content."

In September, the company announced an expansion of its Pinpoint services offerings to enable policy control over roaming mobile data access in addition to local access, which enables cellular access to just the business critical sites and applications that employees need and allows organizations to eliminate data plans and customize mobile broadband services.