Magisto Expands Video Platform Into Small Business Market

Magisto for Business introduces user interactivity into the company’s AI engine, Emotion Sense Technology, giving control to the user.

magisto and video

Magisto, developer of a smart video storytelling application, today launched an extension of its platform tailored for quality video from small and medium size businesses.

Magisto for Business introduces user interactivity into the company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, Emotion Sense Technology, giving control to the user.

At the heart of Magisto for Business is a new technology called Smart Storyboard, which can be used to influence production value, define scene selection, refine messaging and brand movies without doing the heavy-lifting of video editing and production.

"Artificial Intelligence technology has allowed small businesses to leverage their story using powerful video, a medium that was once reserved for large companies with massive marketing budgets," Oren Boiman, CEO and co-founder of Magisto, told eWEEK. "Using Magisto to create video content has leveled the playing ground, allowing a business of any size to stand out and do video marketing that is affordable and effective."

He explained Magisto for Business allows businesses of any size to address their customers on a more engaging level that mirrors the way they normally conduct meetings with clients, through genuine conversations that are based on personality and connectivity.

"Whereas these kinds of conversations and customer experiences were reserved for in-person encounters, video allows business owners to breach the distance, close deals, educate consumers and drive sales without costing a fortune or requiring outside creative to generate content," he said.

Magisto for Business incorporates several features specifically designed for small businesses. including custom scene selection, scene ordering, scene captioning, speech detection and custom branding.

It also offers music licensed for commercial purposes, faster movie creation and unlimited HD downloads.

"We saw a constantly growing demand for video content for businesses of every size without any cost-effective, high-quality solution. Businesses need engaging video content on a daily, weekly basis to keep up with their competitor," Boiman said. "In contrast to this explosive demand, high-end video content creation at large, is still a hand-crafted manual form of art that simply cannot meet this demand."

He noted Magisto intends to offer dozens of new business use cases to integrate with e-commerce and vertical marketplaces across numerous categories in 2016.

"Interactive A.I. will continue to evolve and we will see video content take the place of text and photos in professional profiles, corporate presentations, or in customer reviews," Boiman said. "Powerful video storytelling will replace other less effective forms of communication, as soon as it becomes accessible and affordable. Interactive A.I. will be the assistant director that is available for every business and a tool for creative teams, marketing teams and companies of any size, allowing people to use impactful video when communicating their ideas."