Maingear, Velocity Micro Offer 4th Generation Intel Core i7 Chips

The 4th Generation Intel processors feature the company's Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 as well as Hyper Threading Technology for maximum performance.

Custom PC builder Maingear, which specializes in made-to-order desktops, notebooks and PC workstations, has updated their desktop lineup with the latest Intel six-core processors that offer unlocked performance, with the Intel Core i7-4960X processor Extreme Edition, Core i7-4930K, and Core i7-4820K processors available on the Maingear Shift, F131, Force and Rush desktops.

The Quantum Shift desktop combined with the Intel Core i7-4960X processor Extreme Edition power is designed to offer a faster optimization of workflow and maximize productivity. Performance on these processors offer a combination of smart features including Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology and Intel Hyper-Threading (HT) technology.

HT technology uses processor resources more efficiently, enabling multiple threads to run on each core. As a performance feature, Intel HT technology also increases processor throughput, improving overall performance on threaded software. For example, multimedia professionals can create, edit, and encode graphically intensive files while running background applications, such as virus protection software, without compromising system performance.

"Intel's latest and most advanced generation of Intel Core Extreme high end desktop processors in Maingear PCs are a perfect combination for serious PC enthusiasts to unlock their full potential," Brent McCray, worldwide enthusiast marketing manager of Intel, said in a statement. “PC gamers will be able to experience a smooth and seamless experience with our processor working hand in hand with the latest graphics cards."

In addition, Velocity Micro, a competing builder of enthusiast desktops, laptops, and peripherals announced the availability of systems powered by unlocked 4th Generation Core i7 Processors and the Core i7 Extreme Edition. Formerly code-named "IvyBridge-E," these socket processors provide extreme power for increased performance, better security, and more responsiveness especially in high demand, multi-threaded tasks.

Systems from Velocity Micro powered by these new processors start at $2,399, and feature up to 6 cores, 12 threads and 15 MB Intel Smart Cache, extreme overclockability for faster clock speeds, Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, an Integrated Memory Controller with 4 channels of DDR3 1866MHz, and 40 PCI Express Lanes for increased performance with multi-GPU configurations.

"When creating our ultra-performance PCs, It's critically important for us to have the very latest hardware at hand to combine with our meticulous build process," Randy Copeland, President and CEO of Velocity Micro, said in a statement. "Intel has been the leader in processor technology for years now and we're honored to be able to offer these new CPUs to our customers on launch day to continue making some of the fastest PCs on the market."