Marble Security Launches Mobile Security Service

The platform uses an approach that employs secure virtual network services, risk-based access control and policy-based remediation.

Mobile security cloud service provider Marble Security, formerly known as IronKey, announced the release of its cloud-based mobile security service that protects the mobile perimeter of an organization against cyber-attacks and data loss before breaches can occur.

The service, which is available for Apple iOS, Google Android, Mac OS X and Windows, secures all of a user’s devices for $3 per month. The Marble client application is downloaded onto a device from the Apple App Store, Google Play or an email link. From this isolated mobile environment the user accesses a secure browser and connects to Marble’s virtual private network (VPN).

Aimed at organizations adopting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, the platform uses an approach that employs secure virtual network services, risk-based access control and policy-based remediation. By integrating real-time security intelligence that learns and adapts to new threats, the platform can help thwart attacks on mobile workers and corporate networks before damage is done.

"Mobile device management (MDM) falls short of securing mobile endpoints and is expensive and hard to manage," Marble Security founder and CTO David Jevans said in a statement. "Our mobile security approach goes beyond MDM to proactively protect a mobile worker’s endpoints against cyber-attacks even if they are infected with malware, something MDM solutions do not do. At $3 per user for all their devices, any business can afford it, and Marble is low touch for both users and administrators."

Marble’s Mobile Perimeter Defense technology learns and adapts by continuously assessing machine data, as well as mobile user and device attributes–its location, installed apps, current network connections. Marble then applies dynamic risk scores to each device that allow IT administrators, or users themselves, to identify threats in real time and remediate them. The technology can help defend advanced persistent threats (APTs), malware, trojans, zero-day attacks, privacy leaking apps, compromised WiFi hotspots, poisoned DNS, and spear-phishing.

The company’s research into eight critical security threats on mobile devices found the majority of small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) are either unaware of or defenseless against the threats posed to their networks by mobile devices and BYOD. While 89 percent of SME IT pros are supporting remote employees, 68 percent do not have a BYOD policy in place and 74 percent have not yet implemented an MDM solution.

The survey also indicated that many companies want to address these security gaps immediately--33 percent of the organizations said they planned to implement an MDM solution in the next six months. The research was conducted by Spiceworks, the network management and IT research community, and sponsored by Marble.