Marketing Automation Software Provider Genoo Adds Service Plans

Genoo solutions are designed to help companies integrate their email marketing efforts with a lead-nurturing system.

Enhancing its set of email and marketing-automation tools aimed at small and midsize businesses, Genoo expanded its offerings this week by adding two new service plans. In addition to their standard package for small business, companies can now choose from Premium and Elite packages. These plans are structured to provide better pricing for companies with large numbers of emails and leads.

Genoo offers solutions designed to allow mid-market companies to integrate their email marketing efforts with a lead-nurturing system. All three plans include comprehensive lead management, lead scoring, micro-site and landing-page publishing, social media sharing, SEO tools and comprehensive tracking-which aren't available from an email-service provider.

The Premium and Elite packages offer larger numbers of users, lead capture forms, nurturing sequences, micro-sites and emails per month. Businesses can now choose between a graduated pay-per-email plan based upon volume, or an unlimited email plan based on the number of leads in the account.

"For businesses with a single Website and a moderate number of marketing campaigns and leads, our standard plan is the richest set of marketing-automation tools on the market," explained Kim Ablee, Genoo's president. "And now our customers who want to run dozens of online marketing campaigns can choose the plan that lets them employ as many micro-sites and lead-nurturing sequences as they want, as well as send hundreds of thousands of emails and track the responses of all their leads."

Ablee said Genoo is committed to helping SMB marketers compete more effectively. This includes giving them the ability to measure the success of their online marketing efforts and to understand how leads are responding. Through Genoo's extended tracking, SMB marketers can identify which leads are sharing content, or submitting comments on the company's Web pages. Genoo provides the ability to track detailed lead behavior on Web sites and target leads with automated nurturing campaigns designed to bring them further along the sales cycle until they're ready to buy.

"We are learning a lot about our customers and visitors by seeing the pages they visit on our site. We can then automatically route the most responsive leads to our sales team for immediate follow-up, and as a result, high-quality leads never slip through the cracks," said Patti Page, marketing coordinator for Voice & Data Networks. "The biggest benefit is our sales team's ability to keenly focus on the hottest leads."