Marketo Announces Lead Management Fall 09

Marketo updates its Lead Management software with new charting and reporting capabilities.

Marketing automation company Marketo announced the availability of its Lead Management Fall 09 software, aimed at small to medium-sized businesses looking for a lead generation and Website monitoring solution.

Lead Management enables users to leverage the power, flexibility and user-defined segmentation capabilities of Marketo Smart Lists to build a library of reports, according to the company. In addition, the reports boast improved charting and dashboard capabilities and can now be distributed to a list of subscribers in HTML and Excel format on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Also in this release, Salesforce custom objects can now be synchronized with lead, account or contact data in Marketo and used as filters and triggers in Marketo Smart Lists. Marketo President and CEO Phil Fernandez said the company's passionate user community drives the rapid innovation of Marketo Lead Management and Marketo's ongoing need to measure, manage and optimize its marketing programs.

"The sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities in this release, combined with many subtle improvements in functionality and usability, deliver a strong foundation for building relevant, high-impact reports that drive explosive revenue growth," he said.

The company's Lead Management software is designed to help marketers acquire, nurture and qualify more sales leads with less effort, while Sales Insight aims to help sales associates understand, prioritize and interact with the leads and opportunities. Updated reporting and analytics features in Lead Management Fall 09 include predefining an unlimited number of reports or building them on the fly through Smart Lists, the ability to incorporate timeframes and time periods to support traditional or user-specified ranges of time, and creating a derivative report based on previous results or drilling down for more details.

Chris Newton, vice president of marketing at Ketera, a spend management solution company based in San Jose, Calif., said it's necessary for the firm to measure and report on the impact of its marketing investments on a weekly basis. "Marketo's new reporting and analytics tools provide the power, flexibility and usability that we have grown to expect from Marketo, while delivering dramatic time savings and productivity gains," he said.

Another feature in Lead Management Fall 09 is the ability for users to automate the routine delivery of reports to key stakeholders with syndication management capabilities, as well as analysis of the impact of marketing activities from multiple perspectives with updated charting capabilities.

"As head of marketing at Marketo, I sit on the front lines of our product development and am responsible for our demand generation programs," said Marketo's Vice President of Marketing Jon Miller. "With Marketo Lead Management Fall 09, we developed tools that enable marketing executives like me to better measure and manage the impact of their business, improving the agility, accountability and efficiency of marketing teams worldwide."