McAfee Updates 2014 Core PC Security Products

With enhancements to its recently upgraded malware scanning engine, AM Core, the company’s 2014 PC products offer increased detection capabilities.

Security specialist McAfee announced its 2014 line of core PC security suites, which offers increased power and performance and include AntiVirus Plus 2014, Internet Security 2014 and Total Protection 2014.

The enhancements to PC protection are also utilized in a recently released version of the company’s LiveSafe service, a cross-device solution that protects consumers’ data, identity and their PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.

With enhancements to its recently upgraded malware scanning engine, AM Core, first introduced with the 2013 line, the company’s 2014 PC products offer increased detection capabilities, with a new engine designed to provide faster and more efficient scanning and real-time intelligence to help defend against digital dangers, including zero-day threats, keyloggers and Trojans, while minimizing the impact on users’ systems. Specific product components have also been re-engineered in the 2014 line to improve scanning speed by reducing the size of threat signature files and better central processing unit (CPU) utilization.

"By continually enhancing the core security components of McAfee’s consumer portfolio, we are working to ensure our customers stay safe from the barrage of pervasive online threats and in a way that maintains the speed and performance of their devices," Alan LeFort, vice president of consumer product management at McAfee, said in a statement. "Our 2014 line allows us to further deliver on our promise to effectively and efficiently protect the digital lives of connected users around the globe."

McAfee LiveSafe service, introduced in May 2013, includes Personal Locker, a feature that uses face- and voice-authentication technology to retrieve a user’s personal information and documents, such as copies of passports and IDs, from a secure online location. In addition to protecting consumers from the latest online viruses and threats, the LiveSafe service also offers automated management of user names and passwords, privacy protection for smartphone and tablets, as well customer support.

McAfee also recently updated its Mobile Security product with privacy features including the Multi-user App Profile function that allows consumers to create multiple user profiles or “safe zones” on one device with customized or restricted access to apps. It protects users’ privacy as it allows them to back up, wipe and restore contacts remotely through an easy-to-use web portal, as well as locate a lost or stolen device on a map, and remotely sound an alarm.

The latest version also features the option to choose between a basic or premium version. Mobile Security basic offers baseline protection for mobile devices at no cost, while the premium version provides a full range of security and privacy features. The premium version also includes a Hidden Device Admin Detector feature, which protects users from Trojans such as the newly discovered Obad.

The company’s latest mobile threats report found that Google Android-based malware achieved a 35 percent growth rate not seen since early 2012. This rebound was marked by the continued proliferation of SMS-stealing banking malware, fraudulent dating and entertainment apps, weaponized legitimate apps and malicious apps posing as useful tools.