MetaLogix Releases Email Migration, Archiving Suite

The products comprise an email management suite to help companies migrate, store and protect email content for on-premise or hybrid cloud environments.

Content infrastructure software developer Metalogix announced the release of Archive Manager Exchange Edition 6.0 and Email Migrator 1.0, which operate in tandem to help businesses achieve a scalable email and file archive.

Email Migrator 1.0 was developed to help organizations escape email archive vendor lock-in with a user-friendly approach to migrate their archived data to their supplier of choice based on business demands. The latest version of Archive Manager, which supports Symantec Enterprise Vault and EMC EmailXtender, works to balance IT efficiency and user productivity with global compliance adherence and litigation readiness.

"Today's enterprise is under constant pressure to preserve, protect and produce business content to suit ever-changing international regulatory requirements," Christine Taylor, analyst at IT analytics firm Taneja Group, said in a statement. "Archive repositories easily reach into petabyte scales and are constantly growing. This pace will not slow down. Companies need an adaptive email management solution that optimizes and simplifies massively growing volumes of data. This includes managing compliance and data retention, storage and migration, data protection, and discovery; turning huge email archives from black holes into valuable businesses assets."

The products, designed to reduce complexity, mitigate risk and improve user productivity, comprise an email management suite to help companies migrate, store, secure and protect email and file content for on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. In the fourth quarter of 2013, targets include Metalogix Archive Manager and Microsoft Exchange and will support Mimosa NearPoint and GFI, a company release noted.

"At Metalogix, we've spent 10 years perfecting the process of retaining, storing, replicating, migrating, discovering, and protecting email content," Steven Murphy, CEO of Metalogix, said in a statement. "With over 70 billion archived items to date and 55,000TB of migrated data, we are the leader in content infrastructure software for today's adaptive enterprise. Our new Exchange archive and migration solutions now deliver a next-generation adaptive archive to meet the needs of today's dynamic international regulatory requirements. At the same time, we are enabling enterprises to easily and cost effectively move away from expensive and limiting legacy archives with proven migration technology that eliminates constraining vendor lock-in."

Surging numbers of emails cause workers to spend countless hours sorting, filing, flagging and tagging instead of focusing on action items, according to a survey of nearly 100 organizations by data governance software provider Varonis. The study, which questioned employees about their digital habits and vices, found that nearly one-quarter receive between 100 and 1,000 emails. One in 10 workers now faces more than 10,000 emails in their inbox.

The survey found that 40 percent of respondents spend 30 minutes or more every day managing their email, in addition to reading and responding, equating to 120 hours every year. To stay on top of the email flood, employees appear to take three different approaches. The majority, 44 percent, practice a hybrid of hoarding emails and filing emails. Hoarders—those who never delete messages—make up 17 percent of the workforce, while 34 percent of those questioned clear their inbox on a daily basis and file messages into folders.