Metalogix Updates Archive Manager With Office 365 Backup

Metalogix's Archive Manager 7.0 is designed to improve mobile access, Office 365 backup, security and social media compliance capabilities.

metalogix and cloud backup

Collaboration content management software vendor Metalogix released Archive Manager 7.0, which is designed to improve mobile access, Office 365 backup, security and social media compliance capabilities.

The Archive Manager Suite is designed to give IT departments the ability to archive content from Exchange, Files, SharePoint and social media sources into a central archive for improved compliance capabilities for eDiscovery requests, data retention and change of custody compliance.

The Social Media Module provides social media archive management, including capture, archive, search and review features. The technology supports major social media platforms, collaboration tools, instant messaging platforms and Web search engines.

The module provides real-time monitoring and archiving of social media, instant messaging (IM) and Web search engine data to ensure compliance, secure content and reduce social media violation risk. It can filter, capture, index and archive employees' corporate Twitter, Facebook, Yammer or LinkedIn communications.

Archived content can be searched over, retrieved and reviewed from the main admin console, which allows administrators to manage social media use, IM and email communication.

"Increasingly, organizations must scan, classify, embargo and archive sensitive content that includes promotions, guarantees and client promises, as well as broad capability claims like we already do for Websites," Steven Murphy, CEO of Metalogix, told eWEEK. "In this highly collaborative and social marketing world, social is a major part of the marketing and go-to-market message, therefore becoming an important data retention source. And then there are the unintended consequences associated with associates using social mediums for malicious and unsavory communication that must first be filtered and then quarantined based on alert level to avoid brand damage."

In addition, Archive Manager 7.0 adds archiving from on-premises to Amazon S3, Azure, Rackspace, Hitachi Content Archive Platform, Amazon S3 GovCloud and Google Drive, while an updated Web management console gives administrators and legal users more streamlined Web access control.

"Simply said, cloud technology is the perfect medium to collaborate across [previously] siloed teams," Murphy explained. "Collaboration and enterprise content management systems are attributed to provide $2 trillion in annual workforce productivity, and the cloud is the fastest and best medium to help drive this workforce productivity. It's nimble, easy to deploy and you cannot beat the price."

Archive Manager 7.0 also features enhanced mobile support for anywhere access from any device, regardless of where the data is archived, giving end users the ability to access, search and retrieve archived content natively from current mobile devices without opening third-party apps in a separate browser.

"In a highly collaborative and social world, the ability to create, share, edit and manage your content in any collaboration platform, anywhere on any device, in any location, is key to workforce productivity, mobile access and administration; [these capabilities] used to be nice to have for the weekend or vacation [but are] now table stakes 24/7," Murphy said. "It's cloud and mobile together to help harness this collaboration workforce productivity."