Migrating Unstructured Data to XML

CambridgeDocs unveils new tool for migrating unstructured content from legacy sources.

CambridgeDocs, which facilitates XML-based content integration, announced Wednesday a new tool for migrating unstructured content from legacy sources.

The xDoc Converter migrates unstructured data from the likes of Microsoft Word, HTML and Adobe PDF documents into any XML schema or DTD for improved search and indexing, officials said. The resulting XML can be used for content management, multi-channel publishing and syndication via Web services.

Traditional approaches to XML require either the manual retyping of thousands of documents or developers to write custom code, CambridgeDocs officials said. The xDoc Converter differs in that it enables programmers or IT staff to create a set of generic conversion rules through the use of a point-and-click interface.

In addition, the converter has a set of reference manuals, product tutorials and example rules for converting documents into DocBook XML.

A Java 2 Platform with a .Net interface, the xDoc Converter works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It can import and convert content to any DTD or XML schema.

This is a first step for CambridgeDocs, of Boston, in its strategy to provide content interoperability via its middleware platform, the CabridgeDocs XML Content Backbone.

The platform allows for sharing, indexing, migration, repurposing and delivery of content between legacy formats and systems. The full backbone platform will be available late in the second quarter, officials said.

The xDoc Converter application is available now.