Launches Places for Live Social Integration

With Places, business can join social media conversations going on at their locations by leveraging social media marketing and commerce tools.

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Small business social media specialist announced the launch of Places, a free tool providing small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with location-based live social streaming.

The platform allows business owners to input an address or the name of their establishment and will aggregate all the content that has been posted from or about the place into an embeddable feed.

With Places, business can join the social media conversation going on at their place of business by leveraging social media marketing and commerce tools to drive business goals.

"Whether your small business has a social media manager, or you as founder are in charge of the company's social media accounts, don't be convinced you'll be able to promote your business using every social media resource that seems to be popular today," CEO and co-founder Ronny Elkayam told eWEEK. "If you don't find the right social media tools that work for your SMB, you may be ineffective at using social media altogether, and that would be precious resources wasted. If you're strapped for time, a tool that puts all social media content in one place may be more efficient."

Places provides a live social media feed which collects all the content posted from any given location, allowing business owners to keep track of the social media surrounding their business, as well as use that content to drive consumer engagement.

The platform constantly aggregates the content that's posted from a specific location, making it an ideal tool for restaurants and bars, hotels and attractions, or even stores where there is a constant stream of social media content being posted and shared.

"If your business does not have the resources it takes to produce content often and on a scheduled basis, it may be wise to use the social media content customers have already shared about your location," Elkayam said. "It can also be exhausting trying to constantly monitor what customers are saying about your business on social media."

With Places, businesses will also be able to access a list of which customers have been posting about them on social media, including analytics on which customers have the most reach and social media clout.

Moving forward, plans to add critical outreach tools so that business owners will be able to reach out to key influencers from their social media community directly.

Places users will be able to offer these key influencers incentives to share experiences with friends and followers from their networks, to help drive engagement and optimize lead-generation.

In addition to Places,'s mobile microsites were created to give SMBs a marketing edge and empower them to leverage events as a way to engage with customers within the mobile space. microsites packages the same social media feed that Places incorporates, but is embeddable into a mobile microsite, adding moble commerce and email marketing functionality to optimize the promotion and impact of specific events that are often a key in SMB marketing approaches.

"SMBs need social media tools that affordably market their business and brand, especially when their marketing budgets aren't as large as competitors that may have more resources to tap into," Elkayam said. "Mobile is already playing an increasing role in the SMB space as more aspects of our lives are moving into the mobile world, and mobile functionality constantly grows. has always been about making solutions for SMBs that are easier, accessible and more affordable than what's currently out there."