Monetate Launches Testing & Targeting Marketing Platform

The platform has been designed for marketers to independently create, deploy, learn and adjust two-tail experiments all in one place.

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Testing and targeting, email optimization and personalization solutions specialist Monetate launched Testing & Targeting, a self-serve A/B/n and multivariate testing (MVT) platform, which tracks in-session user behavior, and combines that data with real-time conditions such as weather and location.

The platform has been designed for marketers to independently create, deploy, learn and adjust two-tail experiments all in one place.

"Testing & Targeting takes aspects of Monetate's personalization platform and consolidates it for the testing user. This includes A/B and multivariate testing for Web content, the ability for marketers to set their own KPIs, upload creative assets and integrate with third-party customer analytics," Bruce Ernst, vice president of product development at Monetate, told eWEEK. "The only features from our premium platform not included are Monetate's deep personalization and machine learning capabilities, which automate experiences based on historical customer data."

The platform is priced based on a customer's past 12 months of Website traffic and starts at $999 per month for a yearly subscription.

Its analytics tool lets users evaluate experiments, define and track standard or custom key performance indicators (KPIs) out of the box, integrate with third-party analytics and view performance analytics in a consumable dashboard.

"Testing & Targeting is especially relevant to the SMB market. These companies are traditionally challenged to achieve significant growth with limited resources--both in people and budgets--as a result they've turned to low cost, entry level testing tools to achieve the results they desire," Ernst said. "However, they're quickly realizing that once they've begun to gain traction with these tools, they've outgrown them. The ability to reach this level of desired growth requires enterprise-grade A/B testing functionality."

The solution also allows businesses to build and deploy dynamic content to create relevant experiences, create unlimited custom segments and immediately target them within a test, and an experiment creation tool with simple point-and-click selection feature.

"We recognize that every marketer is on a journey, in many cases with an end goal of one-to-one personalized communications with their customers--but each marketer is unique and at a different stage in this journey. For many, this begins with optimization--more specifically, testing and targeting--for others, this is the end game in an of itself," Ernst said. "We also understand that marketers embarking on this journey frankly aren't yet ready for the sophisticated add-ons, historical data and product, brand and category targeting data our premium personalization platform provides."