Montavo Announces Addition of Creative Services Group

Montavo reaches out to cost-conscious businesses interested in mobile advertising with the creation of a Creative Services Group.

Mobile marketing company Montavo announced the establishment of an internal small to medium-size business Creative Services Group whose charter is to develop and deploy creative advertisements and campaigns on the Montavo Mobile Advertising Platform (mMAP). The Creative Services Group engages in iterative strategic collaboration for mobile advertising campaigns with midmarket companies, and once overall strategy is defined, graphic design and Montavo designers and campaign managers facilitate implementation.

Deployed within the mobile advertising space, the company said advertisement and campaign development is focused on utilization of innovative approaches to engage consumers, provides a message that resonates, and measures the end results and performance for advertisers. "Providing access to experienced, talented, creative, and graphic design resources is a significant value-add to our SMB customers," said Montavo CEO Brook Lang.

According to research firm IDC, mobile advertising spend in the U.S. market is expected to exceed $2.3 billion by 2012. Lang said the growth of spend in the mobile advertising space has inspired many national brands as well as SMBs to evaluate the effectiveness of the communication medium, and while many larger advertisers have dedicated staff and outside agencies to assist in the design and development of mobile campaigns, most SMBs do not.

Montavo's mMAP is a mobile marketing platform that integrates client side mobile device software with a mobile advertising network solution and ad distribution ecosystem. Montavo offers its solution to consumer focused advertisers (manufacturers and retailers from national brands to SMBs), wireless carriers, mobile handset manufacturers and mobile OS providers, personal navigation device (PND) manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, and other tier-one suppliers as either a white-labeled mobile application or as the Montavo branded mDealFinder.

"As the mobile phone continues to strengthen its position as the 'third screen,' Montavo's opportunity to provide information about sales, discounts, product information, product launches, mobile coupons, promotions and deals that advertisers are offering within close geographic proximity to end-user consumers that are proactively seeking that information is significantly enhanced," he said. "With over 5 million SMBs in the US, we feel that offering access to our Creative Services Group will assist in efficient development of affordable, effective mobile campaigns that will drive incremental in-store location sales for advertisers that run ads on Montavo's platform."