NComputing oneSpace Helps Small Businesses Unify Workspaces

The platform is designed to enhance productivity by allowing users to securely access the applications and files they need through a unified workspace.

Client virtualization solution specialist NComputing announced oneSpace, a unified workspace solution that helps IT unify and securely deliver applications and files as a service to a variety of devices, including iPads and Android tablets.

The platform is designed to enhance productivity by allowing users to securely access the applications and files they need through a unified workspace from their device of choice, while giving IT centralized control over the workspace environment.

Currently in a limited, customer select private beta, oneSpace will be available as a public beta in early spring of 2014, with general availability expected later in the spring of 2014. Pricing starts at $29 per user, per month for new customers.

With oneSpace, IT can mobilize Windows applications–including custom applications–and deliver them to tablets, without having to rewrite them or make costly changes to their existing infrastructure.

The platform also enables the delivery of Windows apps to iPads and Android tablets with a mobile-friendly user experience, including full screen apps, multitasking between apps and touch gestures.

"There is a growing market demand for simple workspace solutions that unify mobile, desktop and SaaS applications and data that can be accessed from any device," Brett Waldman, research manager for end user computing at IT analytics firm IDC, said in a statement. "For organizations looking to remain competitive, it is important to enable employees to take full advantage of their mobile devices by supplying them with corporate sanctioned applications, even Windows applications, on their device of choice. NComputing oneSpace provides such a solution that is tailored for small and medium sized businesses."

Designed for mobile employees, oneSpace leverages NComputing’s vSpace client virtualization platform to provide secure access for small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

IT admins can now offer users unified access to all their files, including access to existing cloud and on-premise file shares, while applying their own security policies and control.

Current vSpace customers can leverage their existing on-premise vSpace server to unify the delivery of Windows, Linux, Web and SaaS applications, plus cloud and on-premise files to mobile devices, by adding the oneSpace cloud-based service. New customers have the option of an all-cloud or hybrid deployment model, a company release noted.

According to an NComputing-sponsored survey of SMB IT professionals on mobility trends to be released next month, 83 percent of respondents believe that making business applications and data available on mobile devices would have a high or medium impact on their business.

Yet 86 percent acknowledge that there are challenges with giving mobile employees access to Windows applications on their mobile devices.

"With oneSpace, our customers can extend the value of their existing vSpace investments to modernize their desktop, application and file delivery strategy to meet the growing needs of an increasingly mobile workforce and embrace BYOD initiatives, all at a friendly price point," Raj Dhingra, CEO of NComputing, said in a statement. "And new customers can get rapid deployment and fast time to value by leveraging the oneSpace cloud-based service, eliminating the time and effort usually spent to install and configure hardware and software on premises."