Netbiscuits Boosts Mobile Analytics Platform With Smart Dashboards

The new capabilities allow marketers to track Web visitors from smartphone, feature phone, tablet and PC through one dashboard.

netbiscuits and mobile analytics

Netbiscuits has boosted its Mobile Analytics, offering an upgraded user interface to help marketers more quickly and easily display mobile data on intuitive and smart dashboards.

The new capabilities allow marketers to track Web visitors from smartphone, feature phone, tablet and PC through one dashboard.

Netbiscuits has also developed a number of dashboards to track Web visitors bounce and conversion key performance indicators (KPIs) against attributes, including screen size, OS version and bandwidth speed, to highlight problem areas and better understand why prospects engage and why they potentially walk away from a Website.

"It’s no secret that mobile is overtaking desktop as the choice of the consumer, but we’re seeing businesses struggle to get the experience right simply because visitors can access content on such a huge range of devices and in so many different ways," Daniel Weisbeck, CEO of Netbiscuits, told eWEEK. "It’s not enough to guess why your customers are walking away from your Website, businesses need the data to understand how different devices and context influence visitor behavior. Big data is touted as a panacea for all our problems but this information has to be actionable and it has to be produced in a way that both marketers and IT people can understand it."

Mobile Analytics also gives marketers access to page-by-page bounce rates, prefiltered by key factors such as screen size, time of day, bandwidth, and operating system, along with other metrics.

Weisbeck said the demand for these tools is not coming just from large enterprises, so, while the tool is powerful enough for those organizations, it has been built with marketers in mind, so that small and midsize businesses (SMBs) can subscribe and run the product without IT expertise or intervention.

Mobile Analytics is underpinned by the Netbiscuits Vault, a device database. The Vault contains 8,038 device profiles, more than 200 operating system profiles and capturing 496 unique browser sources.

The Vault exists to help marketers understand how device capability can impact the mobile user experience with insight on everything from screen size, CPU, display, touch interface and video readiness.

"An iPhone 5 and an iPhone 6 are two very different beasts when considering user experience. Businesses need that data before they can even think about building for mobile," Weisbeck said. "Over the last 14 years, we have built a library with an incredible level of detail that allows marketers to instantly categorize over 8,000 devices, including every new device that is released. We then run this tool out of the box so they don’t have to worry about this data."

The cost of Mobile Analytics is based on usage rather than functionality. All customers can subscribe to the full version of the product for free, and cost is based on impressions and detections conducted on the customer’s Website.

"For small businesses, this is great, because it allows them to dip their toes into the water and test mobile analytics without any risk," he said. "Five years ago, this would have been an enterprise-only solution, but now businesses of all sizes can start to get much smarter about how customer behavior on mobile influences revenue and engagement."