NetEnrich Launches Closet-to-Cloud IT Services Portfolio

NetEnrich offers the IT channel infrastructure, enterprise, cloud and data center IT managed and professional services.

IT infrastructure services platform provider NetEnrich launched its "Closet-to-Cloud" IT services portfolio, designed for small to midsize businesses and enterprises. NetEnrich's services, which are delivered remotely 24/7/365 via a services gateway on behalf of solution providers, are designed to make it easier to deliver managed services that support traditional data center IT infrastructures, or grow their managed services offering to include cloud or virtualization technologies and break into larger end client businesses.

The services portfolio also includes specialty practices to manage networking, virtualization, storage and cloud technologies. NetEnrich's specialty packages can be wrapped around any vendor's IT solution and offered as part of an initial IT solution sale or to existing end clients. Company President and CEO Raju Chekuri said the company talked to current partners and did a lot of research to redesign these new service packages. "Not only are we offering our partners a better way to manage their midmarket business clients, we can support even the most complex computing, network, storage, even virtualized and cloud infrastructures used by enterprise companies," he said.

By wrapping IT managed services around high-growth technology solutions that exist in a traditional data center-such as server virtualization, storage, unified communications or VOIP (voice over IP), and even hybrid or private clouds-solution providers would have a better way to grow their business and add on monthly recurring revenues, he explained. "Adding a monthly recurring revenue stream to a solution provider's growing business can dramatically increase their market value and expand bottom-line operating profit," Chekuri said.

NetEnrich's services portfolio consists of Small Business Services (SBS), Midmarket Services (MMS) and Enterprise Elite Services (EES), while specific practices within the services portfolio include Networking Practice, Cloud Practice and Virtualization Practice. The company also offers Managed Services on Demand, as part of its services portfolio. The company's services are sold in two monthly fee-based packages, Aid or Manage, or in an hourly "Service on Demand" model.

"NetEnrich serves as a 'silent partner' to solution providers, to either extend their team with the right type of technology expertise, or provide a more efficient way to serve their existing end business clients," Chekuri said. "Our technology allows us to deliver these services elegantly behind the solution provider's brand-giving them more visibility and more reporting capabilities into the IT infrastructures they currently manage. We want our partners to be able to act and operate like a world-class global IT services consultancy."

The NetEnrich Services Gateway appliance records and plays back all services performed on the network infrastructure for full accountability, and executes configuration backups of network devices for storage purposes. Services Gateway manages access to network devices by role, and monthly executive and engineering reports provide details on network performance, call quality, reliability and service activity to optimize operations and assist with capacity planning.

"NetEnrich is in the right place at the right time-IT services are exploding, and solution providers need a partner who can help them break through into the midmarket and data center ceiling and offer managed services around advanced technologies such as unified communications, virtualization and cloud computing," said NetEnrich Senior Vice President and General Manager Justin Crotty. "NetEnrich is more than a NOC, it's an infrastructure management and IT operations company that partners with solution providers to grow and scale their managed services up the value chain and into the data center and cloud."