Netgear Debuts Four ProSafe Plus Switches

Green technology features could lower power consumption by as much as 70 percent, the company said.

Networking solutions specialist Netgear announced four new models in its ProSafe Plus Switch family, which provide built-in cable test support, quality of service (QoS) prioritization for voice and video traffic, and virtual LAN (VLAN) configuration for network segmentation. In addition, the eight-port desktop GS108PE in the ProSafe Plus Switch family provides power over Ethernet (PoE) for supporting devices such as IP phones, wireless access points, security cameras and remote switches.
The company said the GS108E, the 16-port desktop GS116E and the rack-mounted 24-port JGS524E all offer Gigabit Ethernet, 10 times the speed of Fast Ethernet. Other features include traffic monitoring and control through a nontechnical graphically based software utility, detection of cable loops to help prevent broadcast storms, automatic protection against denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and fanless design for quiet operation.
"We know our customers demand 'smart IT' over 'big IT.' In other words, they want the performance and flexibility of enterprise-scale networking equipment in affordable packages that are easy to install and operate," said Maggie Wu, Netgear's product line manager for small to medium-size business (SMB) switching products. "That was our goal in launching the ProSafe Plus Switch family a year ago, and now we're moving to the next level by responding to customer requests for Gigabit Ethernet, PoE and more ports."
The switches also offer green technology features, which the company said could lower power consumption by as much as 70 percent in comparison to unmanaged switches; auto power-down of unused ports and automatic cable-length detection are designed to decrease power for cable runs under 10 meters.
"We use the Netgear Plus Switch in situations where cost-efficiency is essential and network requirements cannot be compromised," said Eric Gorman, co-founder, executive vice president and COO of Integrated Enterprise Solutions, a value-added reseller. "Having features like VLAN, rate limiting and QoS in such an affordable package is a great benefit for me. Our customers appreciate the reliability and affordability of this solution, and we appreciate the simplicity."
In October, the company came out with three hybrid cloud storage service options for its business customers. The company is now including up to 100GB of online archive capacity to go with the purchase of one of its rack-mount ReadyNAS storage servers. In addition, its newest business-class ReadyNAS storage platforms now support a cloud file server option that enables a user to share files between local and offsite users. Thirdly, the company is offering customizable portals designed to simplify service billing and management for channel partners.