Netgear Launches ReadyNAS 3200 Storage Solution

Cost-conscious businesses looking for an affordable storage solution have a new option in Netgear's lineup of products, the ReadyNAS 3200.

Networking and storage solution specialist Netgear announced a high-density network storage system, the ReadyNAS 3200, to its line of ReadyNAS products aimed at small and medium-size businesses.

The 3200 is a 2U 12-bay unified storage platform that provides up to 24 terabytes in a single system. The ReadyNAS 3200 can come equipped with 6TB, 12TB and 24TB of storage capacity, and is available now from CDW. The solution can also be purchased from Netgear's other PowerShift Partners in late July, starting at $4,999.

The system offers features such as redundant power supplies and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, and provides support for up to 24 TB of capacity, which Netgear says makes it ideal for online server consolidation or backup. The ReadyNAS 3200 combines the features of the company's other ReadyNAS for Business products, including the recently launched ReadyNAS 2100 1U rack-mount and the ReadyNAS Pro and NVX desktop systems. ReadyNAS Vault is included as a 30-day trial.
The ReadyNAS 3200 features 12 bays that enable up to 24 terabytes of NAS and iSCSI SAN capacity, and the solution supports up to 250 users. Standard features such as Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software for automatic client backup functionality and the ReadyNAS Remote drag-and-drop remote file sharing utility enable user-friendly remote site data management for IT managers. The embedded ReadyNAS Vault service offers an optional cloud-based backup and disaster recovery services for as little as $.25/GB/month.
Drew Meyer, director of Storage Marketing for Net Network Storage Business Unit, said with the debut of the 3200 the company is expanding the capacity and performance of rack-mount solutions in the ReadyNAS storage line to a much wider spectrum of SMB sizes. "Netgear's recognized leadership position in the SMB storage market makes us a trustworthy and reliable choice for end users and channel partners alike," Meyer said. "With the ReadyNAS 3200, we are augmenting our line of storage solutions that provide the high-end features of other, more expensive rack-mount products with the ease-of-use and price point that match the resources of a growing SMB."
The ReadyNAS 3200 leverages the ReadyNAS RAIDiator operating system. The RAIDiator, which supports the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), enables native Mac files to be used without limitations. The RAIDiator also supports Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard. The ReadyNAS 3200 offers support for file services (NAS) and application services (iSCSI) for Windows, UNIX/Linux and Mac systems.
David Reinsel, group vice president of storage and semiconductors at research firm IDC, said IT managers at small businesses often face storage demands large enough to require enterprise-scale solutions, but can also lack the resources to acquire or support enterprise-grade complexity. "The ReadyNAS line offers a unique combination of simplicity and flexibility with the protective redundancy and high-performance feature set typically found on more expensive models," he said. "The high density and rack-mount form factor of the ReadyNAS 3200 should have strong appeal to midsize organizations seeking an affordable solution."