NetGear Partners with Commtouch, Kaspersky on SMB Security

NetGear announces two partnerships the company says brings additional security benefits to its newly launched ProSecure STM series of appliances, aimed at small to medium-size businesses.

Networking and security solutions company NetGear announced a partnership with messaging and Web security technology firm Commtouch Software to integrate e-mail and Web security filtering technologies from Commtouch into NetGear's ProSecure STM series of Web and e-mail threat management appliances aimed at midmarket companies.
The STM Series (comprising the STM150, STM300 and STM600) combines e-mail and Web security, as well as zero-hour protection and policy enforcement, to deliver enterprise-class SMB security appliances that are user-friendly and easy to manage. By incorporating Commtouch's RPD (Recurrent Pattern Detection) anti-spam and GlobalView URL Filtering services technologies, NetGear says it can ensure its SMB customers have the best available security technology working to protect their networks.
"In order to truly protect SMB networks, security solutions need to be able to fully secure e-mail and Web communication. E-mail spam, malware embedded in e-mail spam and risky Web surfing to unauthorized sites all contribute to raising a business's exposure to Internet-borne threats," said NetGear's senior product line manager for SMB security, Jason Leung. "Commtouch's RPD and GlobalView e-mail and Web filtering technology give our ProSecure STM Series the power to protect our SMB customers without adding undue management complexity."
Commtouch technology utilizes a cloud-based data center approach that automatically analyzes billions of Internet transactions in real time to identify new e-mail- and Web-based threats as they are initiated. Commtouch's technology, which works in parallel with NetGear's own heuristics engine to protect against known and unknown threats, runs on top of NetGear's Stream Scanning architecture. Commtouch was recently awarded Frost & Sullivan's Messaging Security Technology Innovation of the Year Award in recognition of its protection of e-mail in-boxes around the globe from unwanted and malicious e-mail.
"We are pleased to provide NetGear with a comprehensive solution for both e-mail and URL filtering services, bringing these advanced technologies to its customers worldwide," said Commtouch's executive vice president and general manager for the Americas, Avner Amram. "Small and medium businesses have unique security issues that must be addressed by proactive solutions; the integration of Commtouch's sophisticated technology into NetGear's ProSecure STM Series, coupled with our financial strength and outstanding support, will outfit NetGear and its clients with the optimal e-mail and Web security solutions for protection in every country and every language."
NetGear also announced a partnership with Kaspersky Labs, a Woburn, Mass.-based secure content management solutions company, to integrate anti-malware and anti-virus technologies into the STM series.

"SMBs are at just as great a risk for security threats as large enterprises, if not more so, since they often lack the in-house IT expertise to deploy advanced threat management technologies," Leung said. "By integrating the full array of award-winning anti-malware solutions from Kaspersky Lab into our ProSecure STM Series, we are able to offer our reseller partners an enterprise-grade solution to deliver to their SMB customers, enabling both comprehensive protection as well as powerful management capabilities."
NetGear's STM series of appliances, each with a different level of horsepower, can accommodate businesses with up to 600 concurrent users. The company claims its technology provides SMBs with expanded security coverage, decreased configuration and installation time, and more efficient coverage with fewer false positives. The STM Series also minimizes the impact on network performance, ensuring that business services are not slowed down in the name of security.