NetMotion Updates Diagnostics Platform with iOS, Android Support

The update now allows businesses to analyze streams of data coming from Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows devices.

netmotion and mobile

NetMotion Wireless announced the release of Diagnostics version 3.10, a data analytics and visualization solution for organizations with a mobile workforce.

The update now allows businesses to analyze streams of data coming from Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows devices in third-party operational intelligence providers’ systems.

"Diagnostics is valuable to any organization—large or small—that supports workers who rely on their wireless connections to work productively outside the office," John Knopf, vice president of product management for NetMotion Wireless, told eWEEK. "Customers cover a spectrum of industries including telecommunications, health care, utilities, insurance, government and any organization with outbound service or sales teams."

This updated version of the platform provides real-time, lightweight data integration to deliver a picture that IT teams need in order to pinpoint and proactively rectify the root causes of problems, such as excessive latency, poor signal quality, unresponsive application servers, virtual private network (VPN) connections, GPS and dropped connections.

"Our customers were struggling to effectively diagnose worker connectivity problems in the field at the time that they occur. Then they needed to learn from and integrate the data from those support incidents into their existing business intelligence and operational systems," Knopf said. "So they needed both real-time tactical help to support workers in the field, and they also wanted to get smarter about how to improve their supporting vendors, systems and technologies to keep workers productive outside the office."

Diagnostics feeds real-time data to operational intelligence, security, information and event management (SIEM), business intelligence (BI), log analysis, and alerting tools such as Splunk, Elasticsearch, and Kiwi.

The company also has included a free application for Splunk to help NetMotion customers jump-start their own data analysis. Diagnostics is available as a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution or as an on-premises application.

"Supporting and managing the networks enterprises don’t own or control will become even more important than supporting their own internal networks that are within their control today," Knopf explained. "The fabric wireless network technologies and providers is continually evolving to increase available bandwidth and capacity for the exploding population of manned and unmanned devices."

He said as the technologies become more ubiquitous, more available and less expensive, wireless network users will come to rely on them even more and will expect them to work.

"The responsibility to diagnose and understand how this fabric of network technologies and providers are contributing to--and hindering-- a reliable end user experience will fall to administrators within each company, because each company’s network connectivity solutions will be different and because they have the prime responsibility to keep their workers productively connected," Knopf said.