Netreo Launches IT Management Platform NetreoCloud

NetreoCloud's network management technology provides a simple, secure connection between the device and the cloud, bringing Netreo's alerts to the user's phone.

netreo and it management

Information technology management specialist Netreo announced the launch of NetreoCloud, designed for customers who use the company's OmniCenter, platform, which allows them to monitor and manage their entire IT ecosystem through OmniCenter Mobile, a secure app on their Android or iOS device.

The technology allows Netreo to securely integrate the data from the customer's on-premises OmniCenter with the cloud through brokered trust, and provide that data safely to any employees using the OmniCenter Mobile app.

NetreoCloud's technology eliminates most hurdles by providing a simple and secure connection between the device and the cloud, bringing Netreo's alerts to the user's phone, according to the company.

"Not many IT management vendors have a story or game plan here yet because it's been a challenge to allow access to devices outside an organization's firewall," Kevin Kinsey, CEO of Netreo, told eWEEK. "Some vendors have an app, but they generally require VPNs to attach to internal NMS systems. Additionally, they require that a landing point be installed, configured and maintained alongside the NMS system, which is quite cumbersome. As such, this represents a significant differentiation opportunity for us."

To get started with NetreoCloud, users download the OmniCenter Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play, have the OmniCenter appliance generate a unique QR code, and then use the app to scan that code to instantly authenticate and connect the mobile device.

In addition to providing flexible mobile access, NetreoCloud adds additional benefits including the ability to run remote web checks from locations around the world to test access and response times for customer-facing websites and assets.

It also enables a centralized, secure repository for OmniCenter template libraries, along with a history of alerts and configuration backups.

"Users, now more than ever before, have an expectation of out-of-the-box intuitive apps that anyone can set up," Kinsey said. "Every soccer mom or dad on the planet runs and self-administers dozens of apps on their mobile device, so this expectation is particularly true for a tech product."

The most important security features for IT management platforms include end-to-end encryption, brokered trust security model and ephemeral security keys, he said.

OmniCenter is a single-pane-of-glass management dashboard designed for high visibility with low hassle, according to the company, allowing users to see the status of everything connected to the network, including servers, networks, applications, telephony and virtualization.

Several appliance options are available to suit any-size environment or redundancy requirement, including clustering, hot-standby and distributed data collection with centralized reporting and administration.