Netsuite Updates OneWorld With Support for iOS, Android

The platform provides support for Apple iOS and Google Android devices and is accessible from anywhere with a Web browser and an Internet connection.

netsuite and oneworld

Netsuite announced new enhancements to its OneWorld software, including expanded support for NetSuite into more than 100 countries with configurable tax compliance.

OneWorld provides a unified and cloud-based suite of software designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of diverse business models, legal structures and geographies, and includes customers such as HP and American Express.

Able to support business-to-business (B2B), business- to- consumer (B2C) and B-2Anything across ecommerce, in-store, telesales, social channels and more, OneWorld, in conjunction with SuiteCommerce Advanced, allows for flexible operation on a global scale.

The platform provides support for Apple iOS and Google Android devices and is accessible from anywhere with a Web browser and an Internet connection.

In addition, OneWorld can be deployed on the user’s device of choice, enabling customers to run their business from their desk, tablet or phone.

Multi-language support lets businesses communicate with customers and employees in the language of their choice by creating localized forms to communicate order status, shipment notification, and invoice details, and match them to the language of the customer.

This support also means businesses can issue purchase orders to vendors in the preferred language of the business relationship, and represent the company to customers as a local business with translated websites and Web stores and email communications.

OneWorld also now supports multi-location inventory, enabling businesses to keep track of and optimize the physical location of goods, while OneWorld’s multi-book capabilities automate the process of ensuring that accounting transactions meet local standards.

Those capabilities also include global reporting requirements, allowing controllers to manage their local period close reporting requirements with per book period end close.

OneWorld now supports automated exchange rate updates for all 190 ISO-coded currencies in conjunction with global order management.

With the platform’s unified system, businesses have a single view of their product inventory with real-time visibility into availability by location, and global vendor record capabilities. In conjunction with OneWorld’s procurement capabilities, this gives businesses insight into their vendor relationships across all subsidiaries and locations.

This allows them to automate the process of selecting vendors for particular procurement needs based on pre-negotiated prices, reliability and other criteria particular to their business.

Among the other updates, the platform’s SuitePayments Program now counts 10 partners, and NetSuite supports electronic payments in an unlimited number of bank formats, including more than 80 predefined formats (including SEPA) across more than 20 countries.

Additionally, the Alternate Payment Methods application programming interface (API) enables virtually any payment type for any country, from bank transfers to gift cards.