Network Automation Releases AutoMate 8

The new features in AutoMate 8 are designed to help enable IT and business users alike to automate tasks.

Network Automation has released its latest automation software solutions-AutoMate 8 and AutoMate BPA Server 8. These releases expand the current platform with virtualization and cloud computing automation solutions. With the AutoMate 8 solutions, the company continues to expand its no-code platform, offering fully enabled cloud automation via Amazon Web Services (AWS) actions.
These actions include Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Relational Database Service (RDB), SimpleDB and Simple Queue Service (SQS), and complete automation of VMware virtualization platforms, enabling proactive automation of guest and host operations including the ability to power on, power off, reset and snapshot operations for virtual machines. The software can also directly communicate to a guest OS, to allow more seamless business continuity throughout operational processes, a company release noted.
The new features in AutoMate 8 are also designed to help enable IT and business users alike to automate tasks. All actions are preprogrammed, enabling configuration without programming capabilities. For example, a new Microsoft SharePoint library allows for full manipulation of files, sites, users and roles. AutoMate 8 includes full support for Unicode character sets throughout the system, designed to support enterprises and resellers in Asia and other global regions.
According to primary research conducted by Enterprise Management Associates, IT service and application management process automation is viewed as highly critical to the effective assimilation of cloud services by 77 percent of IT respondents with committed cloud implementations.
"Network Automation is delivering a nimble and highly versatile approach to streamlining, orchestrating and integrating IT and business processes through automation and application-to-application integration. With the Version 8 release, Network Automation has significantly augmented its capabilities for handling cross-platform and complex multidisciplinary workflows," said Albert Lee, a senior analyst with Enterprise Management Associates. "IT and business users alike will benefit from the ability to extend automation to applications, processes, services and resources resident on virtualized infrastructure and the common public cloud platforms such as VMware and AWS."
The software also includes FTP speed enhancements and integration into AS2's data interchange, a new graphical calendar view that presents visual projections of current and future tasks, and support for Microsoft Exchange 2010. AutoMate 8 is currently available for purchase via the company's Website. The software is also available for a 30-day, 100 percent free trial through Network Automation, the company said.
"Enabling AutoMate to streamline processes that incorporate the cloud at a competitive price point is a feature we knew we wanted to offer in Version 8. Our platform offers flexibility, and now caters to those who fully use the cloud, who may not use it all or who use a hybrid cloud/on-premises environment," said Dustin Snell, CEO of Network Automation. "This functionality is one of the many new features AutoMate 8 offers to businesses looking to streamline operations through automation technology."