New Buffalo NAS Offerings Aim to Address 24/7 Access Needs

Both the 5000N and 5000N WSS series contain a limited three-year warranty including toll-free 24/7 technical support and run Intel Atom processors.

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Buffalo Americas announced the availability of the TeraStation 5000N and 5000N WSS network-attached storage (NAS) series. The models, designed to address the market's always-on needs, support either the TeraStation NAS operating system or Windows Storage Server 2012 R2.

The NAS system is designed to simplify data backups and sharing while Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 offers integration with Windows environments and supports new technology file system (NTFS) for more specific file-level security.

For the 5000N series, pricing starts at $549.99 for the 2-terabyte 5200N two-drive desktop model and tops out at $5,799.99 for the 48TB 5800N eight-drive desktop model.

The 5200N WSS two-drive desktop model series is available for $1,049.99 for the 4TB, and scales up to $4,499.99 for the 24TB 5600N WSS six-drive desktop model.

Both the 5000N and 5000N WSS series contain a limited three-year warranty, including toll-free 24/7 technical support.

The TeraStation 5000N series is primarily designed for more demanding small and midsize business (SMB) users, and the 5000N and 5000N WSS series features 2GB and 4GB of installed DDR3 RAM is are powered by an Intel Atom processor.

This TeraStation family features NAS-based hard drives optimized for always-ready demand for today's 24/7 data access environment.

"The TeraStation 5000N is specifically designed to meet the performance demands and budgetary requirements of small and midsize businesses. Businesses pay monthly premiums for insurance policies of all sorts, such as auto, health, unemployment and liability insurance," Bill Rhodes, director of channel sales at Buffalo Americas, told eWEEK. "If you break down the up-front cost of purchasing a backup solution across the lifetime of the device, the monthly cost to insure the critical data used daily in running their business is small in comparison."

Rhodes also noted TeraStation products offer multiple licenses of NovaBackup Buffalo edition software covering backup for servers and workstations.

Users can back up data to their TeraStation with included NovaStor software or any other backup software, Rhodes explained. This is important for many small-business users, as backup software licensing is costly.

Additional features include Windows, Windows Server and Mac OS support, hot-swappable Serial ATA hard drives, Active Directory support, WebAccess free remote access service, USB 3.0 accessory support, iSCSI support, and a Dual Gigabit Ethernet port.

"Digital storage requirements are increasing at faster rates than any time before as more and more content is digitally based instead of paper," Rhodes said. "That's why we built the TeraStation 5000N, which allows users to secure high-capacity storage at an affordable price for the SMB market, allowing their TeraStation to support current and future needs for many years."