Nexan Releases DeDupe SG 2.0 Deduplication Solution

Nexan's latest update of its power-saving deduplication solution, DeDupe SG 2.0, offers features like FalconStor's File-Interface Deduplication System.

Storage system provider Nexsan has released Version 2.0 of DeDupe SG (Speed with Green), its next generation of energy-efficient file storage systems designed for data protection and disaster recovery applications that require high-performance deduplication.

The solution integrates the latest version of the FalconStor File-Interface Deduplication System (FDS), and as part of the most recent enhancements, DeDupe SG 2.0 features support for Symantec's OpenStorage (OST) protocol, which accelerates data ingestion speeds.

DeDupe SG 2.0, which will be available at the end of February 2010 through Nexsan's worldwide channel network, offers redundant appliances to provide continuous data access and automatic backup application failover.

George Crump, senior analyst at Storage Switzerland, said Nexsan has a unique capability and one that he believes is a first in the industry: power-managed deduplication. "In the past, because of the deployment strategies of other solutions, all the drives needed to remain active for the deduplication process to work effectively," he said. "The Nexsan solution is designed so that the backup can be completed, deduplication cleanup processes performed, and the system be ready to be spun down soon after the backup completes."

The redundant appliances offer backup server connections of up to 5.4 terabytes per hour and support for Symantec OST, as well as improve operational efficiency by leveraging the green capabilities inherent in Nexsan's AutoMAID technology. This energy-saving technology transparently places disk drives into their most energy-efficient state without affecting backup performance, increasing the power efficiency of DeDupe SG 2.0 systems.

"The market demands a high-availability dedupe solution for NAS-based disk-to-disk backup environments, and now with Nexsan, we are the first to deliver it," said Fadi Albatal, vice president of product marketing for FalconStor. "With the Nexsan DeDupe SG 2.0, FalconStor and Nexsan bring power-managed deduplication with enterprise-class reliability, scalability and performance to meet the data protection needs of the most data-intensive applications."

Updated features for DeDupe SG 2.0 include redundant appliances for high availability, automatic backup application failover, Symantec OST support for additional efficiency and performance, support for backup software solutions including NetBackup, replication support for up to 150 remote sites, further automation of storage management processes and optional 10-Gigabit Ethernet connections.

Bob Woolery, senior vice president of marketing for Nexsan, said today's organizations require cost-effective solutions for high availability and continuous data access. "The Nexsan DeDupe SG 2.0 meets these requirements while providing the optimized performance and efficiency enterprises of all sizes demand," he said. "This release underscores our commitment to power-efficient deduplication solutions and further establishes Nexsan as a storage leader focused on aggressive product innovation and delivery."