Nexsan Introduces E5000 Family of NAS Storage Systems

The E5000 Family is the latest addition to Nexsan's Flexible Storage Platform.

Nexsan, an independent provider of disk-based storage systems, announced the first two models of the E5000 Family of NAS storage systems, the E5110 and the E5310. Both models utilize the FASTier cache, which utilizes multiple SSD technologies that work transparently to boost performance for random I/O workloads including applications that are run on top of virtualized computing environments such as VMware, Xen and Hyper-V.

The E5000 Family is the latest addition to Nexsan's Flexible Storage Platform. It is designed to fill the need for NAS storage, complementing the E-Series Fibre Channel and iSCSI block storage systems and the CAS-based Assureon archive and cloud storage systems. The E5110 provides a NAS system with 8TB to 62TB of capacity in 3U to 6U of rack space. The E5310 is a 3U high availability NAS head, which leverages the storage density of the Nexsan E-Series block storage systems to provide 9TB to 720TB of storage in 19U of rack space. Features include reservation-less snapshots, replication, quotas, AD and LDAP integration, and thin provisioning.

"Companies of all sizes require the flexibility to efficiently scale their storage capacity without high expense or added IT management burden," said Terri McClure, senior analyst at IT analytics firm Enterprise Strategy Group. "Nexsan has built a very innovative approach to solving the increasing storage needs of today's midsize enterprises. The E5000 Family matches the advanced features of their Flexible Storage Platform with the simplicity of a plug-and-play NAS device for truly flexible and reliable storage, while the new management interface is ideally suited to the allow the IT generalist to get even the advanced features up and running quickly."

Each member of the E5000 Family offers Nexsan's E-Centre graphical user interface for deployment and ongoing management of multiple dispersed systems from a single pane of glass. E5000 storage pools feature virtualized, online capacity expansion so administrators can add capacity as needed without any disruption to users or applications.

"We are impressed by the advanced features and ease of use of the E5000 system," said Steve Bishop, CTO of Veristor, a provider of virtual infrastructure, enterprise storage solutions and services. "The new system provides high availability for mission critical environments while delivering the density leadership and efficiency we've come to expect from Nexsan."

All Nexsan E-Series storage systems feature centralized storage management software for simplified deployment, management and support and offer a range of features including system redundancy for high availability and powerful performance for demanding applications. The Nexsan E-Series integrates Nexsan storage hardware and E-Series intelligence.

"Nexsan continues to deliver the innovative, high performance storage solutions our customers are demanding," said Scott Mellegaard, solutions architect with 3RP, a Nexsan value added reseller. "With the E5000 Family Nexsan is really hitting the market with the right solution at the right price. It gives customers everything they are looking for in terms of capacity, scalability and virtualization support. It is a true complement to their E-Series SAN storage solutions for customers that need an end-to-end storage solution."