Nine Patriotic iPhone Apps to Celebrate the 4th of July

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Nine Patriotic iPhone Apps to Celebrate the 4th of July

by Nathan Eddy

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3D Fireworks 2 ($0.99)

Fireworks are of course an essential part of any July 4th celebration, but why cramp your neck looking up in the sky when you can create your own display in the palm of your hand? 3D graphics, full touch-screen control and autopilot mode let you enjoy the show in a variety of ways.

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U.S. States Quizzle (Free)

What better way to test your patriotism with a quiz of the United States and the myriad official flowers, slogans and ratification dates? Do you know the state motto of Rhode Island, or the state flower of California? If not, maybe it's time you downloaded this app!

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Vintage 4th of July Cards ($1.99)

Get into the nostalgic spirit of things with this selection of vintage 4th of July themed greeting cards you can send to your friends. Choose from more than 100 cards using a flip-through mode, or display your American pride by using one as your iPhone's wallpaper.

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BrainFreeze 4th of July Edition Puzzle ($1.99)

Game players rejoice with this casual gaming app in a special Independence Day edition. A puzzle game perfect for flight delays and traffic games, you can display your patriotic colors and challenge your brain as well.

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Top 100 USA Historical Documents ($1.99)

Take a break from the barbeque and test your knowledge of U.S. history with this app, which includes such seminal documents as the Bill of Rights, Louisiana Purchase Treaty and the Declaration of Independence. Night and landscape modes, highlighting and note-making features leave you with no excuse to buck up on your knowledge base.

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Pyro Pro Fireworks (Free)

Can't make it to Four-Fingered Freddy's on I-90 in Indiana this year (trust us, it exists)? Then download this fun free app that lets you detonate to your content above the skylines of a variety of U.S. cities. Use, don't lose, your fingers this 4th of July!

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Washington, D.C., Guide ($1.99)

More than 50 listed memorials, museums and galleries, access to President Obama's weekly podcast address and more than 200 insights on the city from everyone from Stephen Colbert to World War II soldiers makes this app one of the best guides to our nation's capital.

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Patriotic Music Box ($0.99)

Sing along to 12 classic American anthems, including Hail to the Chief, America the Beautiful and Yankee Doodle Dandy. Also included are armed forces and, if you're feeling charitable, the national anthems of Britain and France. Hey, after their performances at the World Cup, maybe a little solidarity is called for after all these years.

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America Deluxe ($1.99)

Take a virtual tour of the United States with this app offering information and photos on our nation's natural wonders, cities, parks and history, as well as a selection of traditional songs and a biography of each U.S. president. And with a name like America Deluxe, how could you refuse?

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