NuSpark Introduces Small Business Packages and Marketing Automation

Cost-conscious businesses looking to improve their SEO strategy might turn to NuSpark, which offers lead generation and marketing automation services.

An e-marketing firm called NuSpark Marketing announced it is offering lead generation (search engine optimization, social media, digital media, PPC), content, and marketing automation to small to medium-size businesses. As a virtual agency, president and founder Paul Mosenson said he has brought together a team of strategists, content writers and designers. Mosenson himself manages search marketing, online display media, analytics, social media, and eMarketing strategy for clients.

For $1,000 a month, clients receive a full e-marketing and traditional media assessment, pay-per-click management, online display buying, search engine optimization, social media training and consulting, blogging consultation, and advanced Google Analytics tracking and measurement, as Mosenson said many do not take advantage of its full capability. Traditional media planning and buying is offered as a separate charge.

For a one-time $1,000 charge, clients can also receive a full assessment and recommendation document covering their Website and landing page copy, their content strategy (an assessment of lead-generating content such as newsletters, white papers, podcasts, webinars), and their lead capture strategy (Web forms, e-mail programs messaging).

If agreed to, Mosenson said NuSpark would offer their services for ongoing content creation and e-mail management as well. He said by offering these services, small businesses can utilize NuSpark as their virtual marketing department at affordable costs. Some of the providers NuSpark works with are Loopfuse, Genoo, Net-results, Act-On Software, Hubspot, Pardot and others.

"When any new business opens, the need to differentiate is crucial. As an entrepreneur, you always have to ask -what makes you different and why would a prospect buy from you?'" Mosenson said. "With the nature of the Internet, small businesses can easily compete with bigger business provided they have the time, the capital and the know-how. That's where NuSpark Marketing fills a need."

The company also provides a marketing automation service, which is designed to target B2B buyers who use the Internet to research and purchase. It combines e-mail capabilities and Website analytics, all integrated with CRM systems such as "By creating lead nurturing sequences and sending relevant e-mails to those most likely to buy, leads are scored based on their interactive behavior, and only when they reach a certain score level are they sent to sales," Mosenson said. "When sales people only communicate with qualified prospects, their close ratio increases, their time spent is more efficient, and their revenue per deal increases."