OCZ Releases VeloDrive PCI-Express Solid-State Drive

The VeloDrive SSD optimizes high-performance computing and storage applications and is aimed at midmarket companies.

OCZ Technology Group, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of solid-state drives, unveiled the VeloDrive PCI-Express SSD. Designed to meet the needs of small to medium-size businesses, enterprise clients and system integrators, the VeloDrive optimizes high-performance computing and storage applications.

"The VeloDrive is the latest addition to our comprehensive lineup of PCIe SSDs. A truly configurable solution, it helps a range of customers accelerate their application performance," said Daryl Lang, vice president of product management for OCZ Technology Group. "The ability to run the VeloDrive in multiple modes provides clients with the freedom to use the raid stack of their choice. This maximizes performance and creates faster, more seamless deployments with RAID stacks that may already have been qualified for their unique usage model."

The VeloDrive can be run in either hardware or software RAID mode and can be deployed in half-height or full-height system requirements. Lang said when compared with competing PCIe flash-based solutions, the highly efficient VeloDrive has a minimal impact on system resources, including CPU utilization and the system's DRAM footprint.

Eliminating the SATA/SAS bottleneck, the PCIe-based VeloDrive has the ability to deliver transfer speeds of up to 1GB/s and 130,000 4KB random write IOPS, and features SandForce SF-1565 SSD processors for enhanced reliability and power loss data protection. The VeloDrive utilizes MLC NAND flash and will be available in 300GB, 600GB and 1.2TB configurations. The SSD comes backed by a three-year warranty, the company also noted.

The company also released a new addition to the Vertex 3 SATA III Series. The Vertex 3 Max IOPS edition drives extend the company's Vertex 3 SSD product line to support users that require greater transactional throughput. The Vertex 3 Max IOPS edition combines the SandForce SF-2200 SSD processor with NAND flash components to deliver 4KB random write performance with up to 75,000 IOPS. The Vertex 3 Max IOPS will be available in capacities of 120GB and 240GB, and features TRIM support to optimize performance over the drive's lifespan. All Vertex 3 Series drives come backed with a three-year warranty. "Following the successful launch of our Vertex 3 SATA III 6G-bps solid-state drives we are pleased to introduce the new Max IOPS edition," said OCZ CEO Ryan Petersen. "Vertex 3 Max IOPS drives increase random write performance, and are the ideal storage solution for applications that require high aggregate workloads and increased IO throughput."