OpenDNS Launches Partner Platform for Security

Joint customers can now provide the same level of security to employees both inside and outside the network perimeter while adapting to new threats.

OpenDNS and IT security

Cloud-delivered security specialist OpenDNS announced the launch of a security platform and application programing interfaces (APIs) designed to enable enterprise security vendors to integrate with OpenDNS’s worldwide network and extend their threat protection across a variety of devices from anywhere.

These integrations are designed to increase an enterprise’s protection by combining the partners’ advanced security intelligence with OpenDNS’s capability to provide global threat enforcement.

OpenDNS’s security platform enables customers to integrate threat intelligence from multiple sources and then use that information to automatically protect users outside the corporate network, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Security is enforced through the company’s Global Network, which handles more than 50 billion of the world’s Internet requests daily with no added latency.

Joint customers can now provide the same level of security to employees both inside and outside of the network perimeter while adapting to new threats as they are detected.

As part of the announcement, partners Check Point Software Technologies and ZeroFox, along with existing partners, have integrated into OpenDNS’s platform to combine OpenDNS’s global enforcement capabilities and predictive intelligence with their own advanced security capabilities.

Security capabilities include Check Point’s Anti-Bot Software Blade, which detects bot-infected machines and prevents bot damages by blocking bot Command and Control (C&C) communications.

"Check Point has massive reach and many of our mid-market and enterprise customers use their firewalls to detect bot-infected devices. ZeroFOX is a newer company that enterprise customers use to detect phishing attacks relating to social media," David Ulevitch, CEO of OpenDNS, told eWEEK. "Both partners saw great benefit by integrating with OpenDNS, extending their threat protection to mobile employees and remote offices. We couldn't be more thrilled to work with both companies."

By leveraging OpenDNS, customers can extend and enforce Check Point’s anti-bot detection capabilities globally.

ZeroFox Enterprise is a cloud-based security platform that enables organizations to detect and prevent social media-based cyber threats including targeted malware, phishing, social engineering, impersonations and other fraudulent or malicious activity.

By leveraging OpenDNS’s security infrastructure and ZeroFox’s real-time social media threat intelligence, customers can automate the prevention of social-media based malware and phishing attacks.

"In 2015, businesses will be figuring out how to fill the gaps of today’s patchwork defenses. We often see companies setting up solid security measures on their corporate network. But they do not take in account where employees’ devices roam and assume that employees will turn on, or not turn off, their VPN client," Ulevitch said. "Cloud-delivered security is evolving into a device-agnostic platform to enforce the same level of corporate security for any location―both behind and beyond the network perimeter."

Ulevitch noted that for businesses when adopting cloud-based security system, deployment can be a challenge.

"Businesses no longer manage every device and network that is used to access corporate data," he said. "And no company will tolerate security measures that interfere with productivity. Businesses need the ability to be transparent about what activity is logged on any employee devices. In addition, many cloud security solutions stumble."