OptioLabs, Ridge Global Partner on Mobile Security

Through its work with OEMs, OptioLabs helps ensure industry standards for security products are met prior to market launch.

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With cyber-security infiltrations on the rise and attackers becoming more and more sophisticated, OptioLabs and Ridge Global are partnering to offer businesses a full spectrum of security solutions for enterprises.

OptioLabs offers a suite of services that tackles all the various security needs of an organization to increase its security posture, from protecting against malware attacks and securing mobile data to eavesdropper prevention and demonstrating compliance.

OptioLabs helps enterprises and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to better protect data and privacy by protecting the mobile enterprise through the combination of its OptioServices and Security Insight Platform, according to the company.

These platforms enable context-sensitive threat response, protecting enterprise data across all platforms by intelligently correlating human behavior and digital threat patterns from multiple sources at machine speed.

"We plan to leverage each other’s strengths and go to market in tandem," Gregg Smith, CEO of OptioLabs, told eWEEK. "Together we are able to offer an all-inclusive approach to security that addresses everything from securing mobile environments, conducting security testing on networks, applications and devices [to] cyber-risk assessments, executive education, technical training for security personnel and cyber-insurance. We also plan to attend events as co-branded partners."

Through its work with OEMs, OptioLabs also helps ensure industry standards for security products are met prior to market launch.

Smith explained the OptioLabs team reached out to Ridge Global because of the synergies between the two companies. After a series of meetings, coupled with technical and business-model due diligence, they decided that it was a perfect marriage.

"The mobile attack vector is large. Bad actors can attack through the wireless networks, the applications that employees download, the device itself or from the internal network of the enterprise," Smith said. "Once the bad actor has gained access to the device they are free to roam, stealing intellectual property, personal information or financial data. While enterprises recognize these threats in their network, they often forget that the mobile devices employees bring into the office connect to internal networks and business systems—thereby making it all vulnerable to malicious behavior."

Ridge Global is continually evaluating cyber-security toolsets to address evolving threats and provide customers with access to the latest and best solutions, the company noted.

The company offers risk evaluation using The Ridge Methodology, which is used to develop customized plans to meet each organization’s needs to help ensure protection, insurance, education and incident-response services.

"The threat landscape is vast and continues to grow. Attacks come from friendly and non-friendly nations," Smith said. "Organized crime and other companies continue attacking corporations, individuals or the government. In addition, every generation of technology adds more and more capabilities, along with new potential for exploits. You can be assured that the methods used to do this hacking will evolve and become more covert."