OS33 Launches Latest Version of WebTop Cloud Platform

The platform is designed to provide access to corporate file systems and SharePoint directly from any Web browser.

OS33, a specialist in cloud-based IT delivery automation platforms for managed service providers, announced the latest version of its cloud platform featuring major updates to its Cloud File Manager and OS33 WebTop. This new version is designed to provide access to corporate file systems and SharePoint directly from any Web browser, support for OpenSocial Gadgets from providers like Google, and an optimized Mobile Portal that is now accessible via most mobile devices including the Apple iPad.
The OS33 Cloud File Manager features a technology that provides users with the ability to browse the corporate file system directly from any browser-capable device without the need to use VDI, Citrix or Remote Desktop Services. Built on top of Microsoft Office Web Apps and SharePoint 2010, OS33 Web Apps offers users the choice to download a copy of a document to their local computer; open the document in the hosted version of the corresponding application; or view, edit and save MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents directly from the OS33 browser-based WebTop.
In addition, SharePoint integration enables WebTop User Groups to automatically provision their own SharePoint site or subsites on any template that they choose. All access control and configuration is handled by OS33. Users also can add OpenSocial Gadgets, such as stock tickers, calendars, Google search, to-do lists and more, directly to their WebTop for added functionality on users' workspaces.
"The latest functionality that OS33 has built into its WebTop is a huge plus for users with years invested in their existing Windows-based file systems," said Jeff Grace, president and CEO of NetEffect. "OS33 has developed a unique set of features that allows users to open documents in a browser window, make necessary changes and save it back to their cloud-based file system or to local folders. As the IT industry continues to move closer to the world of Web applications, the ability to mix and match Citrix Hosting and SAAS [software as a service] offerings based on user preference and business practices is a huge game changer."
Service providers can also write their own OpenSocial-compatible gadgets and make them available to their clients via the WebTop platform. Additionally, individual OS33 gadgets, such as My Programs, Help Desk and the Cloud File Manager, are available to be added to the iGoogle interface for increased accessibility. The company's Mobile Portal is a fully featured version of the OS33 Portal available on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Google Android tablets and other devices.
Enhancements to the OS33 platform also include support for hosting a company's e-mail on Google's services. Providers can link Google accounts for users with the OS33 Portal automatically connecting to Google Gmail to show how many unread e-mails are available. Calendar and tasks also integrate into their Google equivalents.
"Thanks to the support and feedback we receive from our partners, we have been able to incorporate some extremely valuable features into the latest release of the OS33 platform," said OS33 President Jacob Kazakevich. "We are enhancing the OS33 experience as part of our long-term goal of simplifying IT. By enabling users to not only view but also work on cloud-based files directly from the WebTop without third-party controls, without the need to migrate the existing file system to SharePoint, without additional log-in prompts and without costly licenses, we continue to provide an enhanced cloud service experience to all of our global customers."