Palisade Systems Offers Managed Data Loss Prevention Solution

Palisade announces a data loss prevention solution aimed at managed service providers. The company is also offering a free five-day security analysis for potential clients.

Data loss prevention specialist Palisade Systems announced PacketSure Managed DLP, a data loss solution specifically designed for managed service providers at the midmarket level. Already implemented with particular LightEdge Solutions customers, PacketSure Managed DLP was specifically designed for customers who use network solutions through a managed service provider and require DLP as an additional managed service.

PacketSure Managed DLP has already been deployed to customers, and is available for additional managed service provider deployments. The company is also offering a free five-day security analysis for potential enterprise customers. Christian Renaud, CEO and president of Palisade Systems, noted MSPs serve as outsourcing IT agents for enterprise networks, with integration and certification of Internet security for applications and content. "Palisade Systems continues to expand its reach and focus on the small- and medium-sized enterprise with PacketSure DLP," he said. "This product will allow us to partner with managed service provider partners and provide a new group of customers with data loss prevention needs."

The product analyzes the content of files and data being transmitted in real time, identifies confidential information and blocks, quarantines, or re-routes to for encryption, with the solution offered in two flavors: a monitoring service designed to provide organizations the visibility into data leaving their network by delivering scheduled reports, and a managed service for organizations that wish to remediate proprietary data before leaving their network.

"LightEdge Solutions is committed to being the single point of administration and management for all aspects of the network and providing the best and most comprehensive managed services for our customers," said LigthEdge's vice president of engineering, Travis Thompson. "By offering Data Loss Prevention to our hosted networking and IT services, we are able to continue to differentiate LightEdge in the market and offer our customers the highest level of security on their network."

Palisade argues that as the market for managed services is forecast to grow about 20 percent annually and become more competitive, MSPs will need to have all the necessary components to fulfill their enterprise customer needs. Peter Christy, a principal at Internet Research Group, said as more business is transacted electronically and as the regulatory penalties are strengthened, the need for effective data loss prevention increases. "By providing a DLP solution through Managed Service Providers, Palisade Systems is leading the industry providing this solution alternative that is particularly attractive to the SMB segment that Palisade serves," he said.