Panasonic Launches Compact Hybrid Communication Platform

The KX-NS700 comes with a two-year warranty and is available through authorized resellers for $760.

panasonic and UC

Electronics giant Panasonic announced an IP communications server optimized for the small-to medium-size business market.

The new KX-NS700 compact hybrid communication platform supports up to 288 extensions with optional expansion units. Key features include one-numbered extension, which means up to two extensions can be assigned the same extension number. This feature allows calls to an office extension to be received simultaneously on a mobile phone.

An expanded voice mail system is capable of recording up to 24 channels simultaneously and storing up to 400 hours of data, as well as notifying users of new voice messages via email.

"I think quality audio is paramount. At Panasonic, we even created a new generation of NT550 series phones to make the most of the latest audio capabilities," Gary Moeller, product manager for Panasonic System Communications of North America, told eWEEK. "I don’t think any amount of features can overcome poor audio quality."

Advanced call routing function provides call center functions without requiring an additional CTI server, while the voicemail system can be used to automatically record customer conversations and save recorded voice data to USB memory or an external server through the Web.

Leveraging its built-in Web server, functions such as PBX and voice mail are programmable from HQ or remote sites via a web based console, and users can also utilize the Web-based console to configure terminals.

Call grouping and call routing functions ensure calls are routed to individuals regardless of their location. Also, because the KX-NS700 integrates smartphones and tablets with the business communications network, users are no longer required to have multiple contact numbers.

"The vision of UC technology has changed from the focus of a phone on a desk to advancements in mobility that allow people to work from virtually anywhere," Moeller said. "Everything used to revolve around the desk phone and features an applications you would use while sitting at your desk. Now people may not even be at a desk or have a phone sitting on it. People are working from different locations and people’s lifestyles have changed."

The new compact server supports legacy digital infrastructures and provides a migration path for businesses transitioning to IP—providing a flexible solution capable of scaling to meet the needs mobile business environments.

The KX-NS700 also enables a unified communication environment inside and outside the office, allowing users to communicate with each other through voice and video calls, text, chat, and image sharing through its Communication Assistant (CA) and mobility application compatibility.

Built-in call center applications include queue announcement, live status monitor, activity report, automatic conversation recording, and network attached storage (NAS).

In addition, the KX-NS700 integrates with Panasonic’s full line of digital, IP and SIP-based desktop phones as well as its business DECT handsets, allowing calls to desk extension phones to be transferred to wireless handsets, enabling increased mobility while keeping users connected with customers and other staff in hotels, medical offices, retail and other SMB environments.

It comes with a two-year warranty and is available through authorized resellers for $760. Feature activation keys are pre-installed, and many come with a 60-day free trial.