Panasonic Launches KX-TGP600 SIP Cordless Phone System

The KX-TPG600 supports up to eight cordless and desktop DECT phones and the ability to use eight outside lines simultaneously.

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Panasonic's business telephone systems division announced the KX-TGP600, a SIP cordless phone system optimized for small businesses.

Offering advanced features, simplified installation and maintenance, and SMB flexibility, the KX-TGP600 is a communications solution pitched to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Providing support for up to eight phone numbers, eight simultaneous calls, and a variety of corded and cordless handset options, Panasonic's SIP cordless phone system is a fully expandable system.

The KX-TPG600 supports up to eight cordless and desktop DECT phones and the ability to use eight outside lines simultaneously.

In addition, voice clarity functionality reduces surrounding noise and enhances the clarity of the call at the press of a button.

Plus, the KX-TGP600 automatically adjusts the receiver volume to an easy-to-hear level if the user moves from a quiet area to a noisier environment.

"Ease of use is extremely important given this system is designed for small businesses—eight lines or below," Kim Murtagh, senior product manager for unified communications for Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, told eWEEK. "These customers are looking for plug and play technology that allows them to quickly get their phone up and running. Panasonic's user interface allows the customer to quickly find the features and functions with the click of a button, like a phone book."

Murtagh said hosted SIP solutions allow businesses to minimize their capital expenses and maximize operating costs while maintaining the business-feature functionality they require as a business.

The company offers a range of compatible handset options, including a desktop DECT phone model for office environments and three different cordless handsets in standard, rugged and compact type models.

The shock-resistant handset boasts an IP65 rating for splash and dust resistance, and features noise reduction and a battery that holds up to 200 hours standby time and 13 hours talk time.

"Rugged handsets are generally utilized in manufacturing, retail and health care environments; however, we get requests from all types of customers who see the value in a rugged handset versus the standard," Murtagh said.

Weighing in at approximately 3.1 ounces, the compact handset features HD wideband audio, noise reduction, a headset jack, up to 13 hours talk time and built-in Bluetooth, while the fixed handset model is suitable for use in office environments and can be installed without a wired local area network (LAN).That device features a 1.8-inch color LCD screen with backlight, HD wideband audio and headset jack.