Panda Security Releases Consumer-Oriented Suite of Products

The entire range of Panda solutions includes an app for iOS that allows for the remote location of the device in case of loss or theft.

panda and security

Panda Security launched its 2016 line of security products, all of which offer multi-platform protection, providing service on Windows, Android, and Mac and anti-theft for iPhone and iPad.

The entire line includes an app for iOS that allows for the remote location of the device in case of loss or theft.

The suite also offers a data shield to prevent theft of information related to a device, protection of WiFi networks, and USB protection. Products in the 2016 line include Gold Security, Global Protection, Internet Security, Antivirus Pro, Mobile Security, and Antivirus for Mac, and Free Antivirus.

Other features include parental control, application control for protection against zero-day malware; a PC recovery system; safe browsing; password management, and a more intuitive interface.

"User friendliness has become so important to us that it has become the key part of our brand idea, Simplexity," Hervé Lambert, retail product marketing manager at Panda Security, told eWEEK. "Simplexity means simplifying complexity in everything we do, it’s the art of transforming complex concepts into understandable things for the users."

Lambert said the company’s mission is to simplify complexity by creating new and better solutions to safeguard the digital lives of their users. Simplexity goes beyond ease of use; it also implies care, friendliness and that a human touch is behind everything Panda does.

"We want to offer our clients the best protection but remain unnoticed, anywhere and through any device, in an environment that is more global, more interconnected," he explained. "With the new Retail 2016 range we give one more step in this direction. The customer is all for us, and we put him in the center of all our activity, from the conception phase to the release of the product."

Lambert said in the future, he sees the threat landscape crowded with even more complex malware and in higher volumes, noting that cryptolocker and other types of ransomware are very effective. Consumers will see an increase in both targeted and point-of-sale terminal attacks.

He also predicted that attacks on devices running Google’s Android operating system are going to reach new heights.

"Not only will the attacks increase but so will their complexity, with a single goal--to steal passwords," Lambert said. "We store a growing amount of data on our smartphones and cyber-criminals are going to try to get it at any cost."

Although malware on cell phones was somewhat anecdotal a couple of years ago, more malware for Android has appeared in 2014 than all of the malware targeting any mobile device ever, he noted.