Paragon Software Releases Backup and Recovery Solution

Paragon releases a solution for backup and recovery and a system upgrade utilities product designed to help cost-conscious businesses migrate to Windows 7.

Data security and management solutions company Paragon Software Group announced the release of their latest disaster recovery, system migration and virtualization software program, Backup & Recovery 10 Suite. The solution mirrors the characteristics of Paragon's Drive Backup Professional product line with a minimalist -set and forget' policy found in Paragon's System Backup. The Suite offers recovery environments in Windows Native Mode, WinPE, Linux and DOS, provides virtualization support and includes support for Windows 7. Paragon Backup & Recovery 10 Suite is available for $69.95.

The Virtualization Manager is a tool to help users migrate their system and data to a virtual environment and it also allows a crippled system previously transferred to virtual hardware by a third party tool to be 100 percent bootable. Other features include encryption and password protection for backups to help guarantee security for confidential data, boot corrector to repair damage resulting from human error or virus activity and selective restore, which allows users to extract single or multiple files from a backup image using the software's restore wizard.

"Paragon Backup & Recovery 10 Suite is the complete solution for even the most demanding home user and home office user," said company CEO Konstantin Komarov. "It has a higher level of functionality and flexibility than any other competitive product at a similar, or even higher, price on the market today."

The company also announced the release of System Upgrade Utilities 2010, designed for streamlined migration from Windows XP or Vista to the new Windows 7 while still allowing the user to keep their old system. A built-in backup feature helps guarantee that, in the case of a system failure, the old system can be restored. Creating a recovery CD helps the user to minimize the consequences of a system crash or malfunction, as the recovery CD can be used to boot an otherwise unbootable system.

Establishing a dual boot system is possible on both existing and new hardware. To set up a dual boot system, the software creates a new partition for the installation and use of Windows 7. Thus, the user can keep their Windows XP or Vista environment. The Windows 7 Set Up Wizard takes the user through the stages and performs all partitioning operations necessary. With two partitions, both operating systems are equally accessible; a boot manager offers the user a choice for which operating system to load, each time the PC is turned on. Once having made a permanent selection between the old and new system, Paragon System Upgrade Utilities 2010 helps the user to uninstall the boot manager and one of the systems, and repartition their hard drive to reclaim the additional free memory/disk space.

Komarov said enabling the end user to keep up-to-date all the time is easy with Paragon System Utilities 2010, which helps them evaluate Windows 7 in detail and at their leisure. "Reliable Paragon technologies offer two possible methods for testing Windows 7," he said. "Users can set up a dual boot system or migrate their current operating system to a virtual environment."