Passlogix v-Go Single Sign-On Solution Offers Secure Cloud Access

In addition to the company's enterprise single sign-on solution, Passlogix offers a variety of cloud security solutions.

Secure sign-on specialist Passlogix announced its enterprise single sign-on solution v-GO Single Sign-On, designed to leverage the benefits of cloud-based applications without losing control over information security or adding another password for end users to manage.

V-Go SSO is aimed at securely extending single sign-on to SAAS applications without requiring integration of the authentication infrastructure with the SAAS vendor's or cloud host's systems. As with in-house applications, the use of v-Go's single sign-on technology with cloud-based applications offers features such as user convenience, regulatory compliance and the ability to safeguard enterprise information assets against attackers. The solution allows businesses to prevent unauthorized access by delivering single sign-on functionality to cloud applications via Passlogix's patented technology without end users knowing their passwords, as well as strengthening passwords to authenticate to all applications by introducing application password selection policies.

The solution also gives organizations the ability to require user re-authentication to select applications, either via re-entry of the user's Windows logon password or with a strong authentication device such as a smart card, token or biometric, to add a second form of authentication to the application password automatically entered by v-Go. In addition, businesses can extend strong authentication to cloud/SaaS-based and other applications that cannot natively integrate with authentication devices, without requiring modification or customization of the application.

"Cloud-based applications like and NetSuite are clearly changing the IT landscape, yet enterprises cannot easily extend their usual access controls to thwart unauthorized access to the data they contain. Regardless of the password rules or other protections imposed for applications inside the corporate firewall, those that are outside the firewall remain highly vulnerable," said Matt Berzinski, director of product management of Passlogix. "v-Go SSO makes it possible to enforce the same security standards to all applications across the board to protect against data compromise as well as regulatory liability."

v-Go Single Sign-On enables end users to access any Windows, Web, Citrix or mainframe application with a single Windows logon by automating username and password entry for each account. It also provides single sign-on to shared workstations, enhanced authentication to applications without the need for custom integration, and on-demand functionality that enables remote, mobile and temporary users to gain access to v-GO SSO's single sign-on capabilities. In addition, v-GO SSO provides account usage information captured during application logins.

Businesses can also create a full audit trail of all application access, including SaaS-based accounts, to provide forensics support in the event of a security breach. This is accomplished through v-GO report logs that document all access events and details, including user ID, date and time. Also designed to simplify and secure user access to enterprise resources the v-Go Shared Accounts Manager, allowes administrator and other shared account IDs to be managed under the same infrastructure as conventional credentials.

The company's v-Go Universal Authentication Manager enables Microsoft Windows to accept any type of strong authentication device from any vendor, while v-Go Provisioning Manager automates single sign-on provisioning and v-Go Self-Service Password Reset provides an automated reset of forgotten Windows passwords.