PayCycle Offers SMBs E-File Tax Service

Tax season always seems like it's just around the corner, and PayCycle wants to help midmarket business owners simplify their filing system.

In an effort to reduce the stress and strain small businesses feel around tax season, PayCycle Jan. 5 announced the availability of its 1099-MISC E-File service for small-business owners. The company is positioning the product is a way for small and midsize business owners to cut costs and reduce the time required to process year-end filings.
"At PayCycle we understand that small-business owners look for all the help they can get to complete year-end tasks. They want to focus on running their businesses and minimize the time and energy devoted to cumbersome payroll filings," said Jim Heeger, president and CEO of PayCycle. "Our 1099 service, proven and tested, is fast, reliable and affordable."
The company says the service is ideal for SMBs paying independent contractors and for those particularly befuddled by the litany of files and forms required by the IRS. The PayCycle product allows midmarket companies to file annual 1099-MISC forms, due by March 31, 2009, using a three-step process.
Customers enter the appropriate recipient data online through a Web-based form, print the 1099 forms for each contractor and finally electronically file the form with the IRS with the click of the mouse. PayCycle charges $25 for the printing and filing of up to 50 forms, although that discounted pricing ends Jan. 26. The price jumps to $39 on Jan. 27.
"With PayCycle's 1099 service, I can enter recipient data online and file the form electronically with a click of a button, saving a lot of time and hassle," said Diane Hagglund, principal of DH Marketing. "This is a must-have service for all small-business owners paying independent contractors."
PayCycle is offering small-business owners another way keep a cool heart when filing taxes. In December, the company announced it will be releasing for free a "Payroll for Dummies, PayCycle Special Edition" booklet, written specifically to guide small-business owners through the complexities of payroll.
"This booklet is part of our continuing effort to support small-business owners, especially during these tough economic times," said PayCycle's vice president of branded business, Jane Willis. "We know payroll is a challenge and serious penalties can result from a mistake. PayCycle is making this booklet available for free so small-business owners can learn the basics and avoid costly errors."