Pegasystems Enhances Customer Engagement App for Life Sciences

Nurse care managers can share their Web or mobile screens with patients or providers in real-time to jointly view websites or fill in forms.

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Pegasystems announced enhancements to its Pega Customer Engagement for Life Sciences application. The new features are designed to reduce costs and improve patient health outcomes by driving customer interactions across all departments.

Advanced natural language and text analytics allow organizations to listen to social conversations, analyze customer sentiment, and provide appropriate responses by automating routing to appropriate response teams.

The application reduces departmental silos created by traditional customer relationship management (CRM) applications and other systems of record. It does so by connecting the appropriate people and systems required to guide each interaction, track related information, automate and assign tasks and reviews, and connect to relevant systems.

"Life sciences companies are challenged by the increasing amount of information that needs to be collected, processed and analyzed, as well as regulations that need to be followed," Jitesh Rohatgi, industry principal for life sciences at Pegasystems, told eWEEK. "Traditionally, all this information has lived in departmental silos across many different systems of records or monolithic data warehouses for reporting purposes. These traditional approaches do not provide the flexibility and agility to leverage this information to drive more meaningful interactions with customers across any channel of their choice."

Rohatgi said this has created a strong demand for strategic applications that can bring life sciences companies and professionals together to provide the best care and therapy to patients.

"Life sciences organizations are in need of an IT infrastructure that enables them to be nimble in a rapidly evolving industry that is characterized by swiftly changing market regulations, security issues and complex customer interactions to let them serve their customers better," he said.

In addition, nurse care managers and medical science liaisons have the ability to share their Web or mobile screens with patients or providers in real-time to jointly view websites, fill in forms, or share other browser-based content without any software downloads.

Pega Customer Engagement for Life Sciences is built on the Pega 7 Platform, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

"Technology will make it easier for health care and life sciences organizations to understand consumers and patients as individuals, and to create customized engagement with patients as well as their care providers,”Rohatgi said. "Additionally, advancements in technology will enable the life sciences industry to accelerate innovation by modernizing methodologies and improving operational efficiency to help bring more life-changing therapies to market faster."