Polycom Debuts Wireless Office in a Box

Polycom's turnkey solution for cost-conscious businesses starts at $700 and includes a KIRK Wireless Server 300.

Voice communications firm Polycom announced its "wireless office in a box" solution, which the company says enables cost-conscious businesses to deploy wireless voice more cost-effectively than before. Wireless-Office-in-a-Box consists of three KIRK 2010 digital enhanced cordless telecommunications handsets and a KIRK Wireless Server 300.
The KWS 300 is a single-cell, SIP-based wireless telephony system suited for smaller-sized businesses that can support up to 12 handsets and four simultaneous calls. A total of six KIRK repeaters can be added to extend the coverage area. The systems are available in North America and Europe through Polycom's certified resellers, with the basic solution (three 2010 handsets and a KWS 300) for $700.
"We are committed to meeting the wireless telephony needs for customers of all sizes, and we understand that one size does not fit all," said Polycom's general manager for the DECT business unit, Sten Dyrmose. "In the SMB space, we identified the need for a cost-effective system that is easy to deploy, competitively priced and designed to fit the needs of a smaller-sized business."
Dyrmose said the solution can be tailored to each customer, so business owners aren't paying for more than they want or need. KIRK Wireless Servers interoperate with a number of IP PBX systems, including BroadSoft, Cisco, Digium, Innovaphone, Nortel and most recently Objectworld. The company said this interoperability helps businesses realize the benefits of enterprise-grade wireless voice without complex management and administration requirements.
The newly launched KIRK 2010 handset offers 12 hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby time. Polycom said the 2010 enables workers in SMBs to move about their office while remaining in touch with customers and colleagues. It offers hands-free speakerphone, caller ID, a call timer and a 40-name phonebook, as well as a headset jack and a choice of 13 menu languages, among other features.
Peter Hale, senior analyst at telecoms at IT analyst firm MZA, said as lower-cost handsets enter the market, they are seeing increased uptake of DECT solutions within SMBs. "By introducing its KIRK Wireless-Office-in-a-Box solution, Polycom offers a system that is easy to deploy, competitively priced and designed to specifically address the needs of SMBs," he said.