Projecturf Launches Version 3.0 of Project Management Software

More than 30 new features and enhancements are included in the latest release of the software.

Project management software developer Projecturf announced the latest version of its software, Version 3.0, which adds a host of updated features and is aimed at the small and midsize business market. A major redesign offers a more progressive and user-friendly interface, which uses Projecturf's user-centered design philosophy.

The design allows for quicker navigation using the newly added tabbed interface, more vertical space resulting in less scrolling, inline panels for enhanced visibility of the project data when adding items, full brand customization with multiple color options for the navigation bar and a simplified workflow with fewer clicks.

Businesses can create custom permissions for each user by hiding project sections or reports and granting either view only or read/write access to individual sections. The company said this added control is crucial when interacting with clients and colleagues, and gives administrators complete authority on who can view, add and access data throughout various projects.

Users can also now add multiple items at once by clicking on "add another" when entering data or files into projects to add multiple items at the same time instead of entering them one by one and waiting for pages to reload, and open up to six projects at a time and the tabs will pin at the top of the page similar to how Internet browsers function. Businesses can also navigate between different projects and the global dashboard to access data and make changes on the fly.

Other features include the ability to rearrange tabs in any desired order using drag-and-drop to prioritize projects. Users click any project tab to enter a specific project or click the close button on the tab to remove the tab from the current project list. The upgrade also adds an enhanced search feature where users can narrow the results to a specific project section by selecting it from the dropdown list.

Every project offers three different user types along with specific settings to customize a user's access at every level of the project. Companies are able to distinguish clients, staff and managers while granting and limiting access to information related to their projects. Projecturf offers a 14-day risk-free trial, and all business plans come with unlimited storage space with no cap on users, project managers or features.

"A major paradigm shift has occurred in the last couple of years that places much higher standards on design and usability. A key emphasis on the overall user experience is critical to building great software. Our focus has been on creating an intuitive and elegant UI with a straightforward navigation, reducing the number of steps needed for each action, simplifying interactions, developing consistency across all sections, producing the right feature set, and adding the appropriate amount of flexibility and customization into the project management application while eliminating clutter and ultimately striking the perfect balance of usability, design and functionality," said Chuck Pearson, Projecturf CEO. "A well-designed and efficient UI that uses the latest technology is not only nice to have, but is a requirement for companies to significantly increase productivity and improve collaboration,"